The Mind is Not the Intellect - Consciousness Part II

The mind is not the intellect, nor is it the thinking. It is rather, the medium in which thought is made palpable, and seemingly real. The mind is an idea of matter or substance, but a form of matter or substance unlike the average garden variety with which we are most acquainted. It is the ultimate idea of substance (if there were such a thing as substance) wherein the ideas of form can take their expression. What we are, the Authentic Identity, transcends mind, intellect and consciousness. We are the Wisdom that preexists all knowledge and thinking or thought. These "things" are simply tools of exploration, wherein we can discover that we have agreed to believe that we are recursively locked within a dream within a dream within a dream, a thought within a thought within a thought. The only way out is to release our attachment to it, for it is not attaching to us, we are attaching to it.

The universe is likened unto an insane asylum that is repeating the same idea of an action over and over ad infinitum like a fractal or a hologram, but agreeing to believe that each iteration is something "new". There are no new ideas here, only the same old ideas broken down into more and smaller fragments. We appear to be locked into this asylum, but there aren't any locks on the doors, or bars on the windows. There are no guards or anything else, but our own agreement to believe that this is where we belong, to keep us here. The Masters from what we call the past are standing outside of the doors of the asylum calling us to come join them. Rather than simply leaving the asylum and joining with them in Paradise, Nirvana, Utopia, Heaven or whatever label that gets applied to the state of Oneness, we are insisting that they come back into the asylum to comfort us. This is delusional.

Consciousness is an artifact of this universe. It is the containment process, so-to-speak that gives continuity to what we call our experience of what we perceive as our existence, our ego. I have heard said that "consciousness creates reality", and this is partially accurate, but only on an experiential level because the reality we experience isn't actually "real". Consciousness is the continuous comparison of what is perceived as self to that, which is perceived as not self. It is the first order of magnitude wherein the ego identity becomes the false or mistaken identity like a snake curling around to meet it's own tail and believing that it has in fact encountered another snake. So anything that it does to this seeming other snake it in fact does to itself.

The consciousness and the ego are inextricably linked one to the other, as they are the two sides of the same coin. The ego identity is the mistaken identity, the "I AM", which has been placed as a surrogate relationship to supplant the one we have with our Source or God (the "IS"). The consciousness is the tool through which the ego identity (with our permission) pretends to rule it's false kingdom - this false universe. The ego divides and subdivides unity into fragments, and consciousness translates these fragments as symbols into objects we agree to identify as the objects that appear to surround us. The consciousness identifies what we agree to believe is self from that which we agree to believe is not self. So ego is the process or idea of division, and consciousness is the process of accounting for the seeming products of these imagined divisions.

First let me preface this with a little disclaimer. The universe is an idea, a thought or a dream. Within this idea there is an idea of galactic clusters, and within the idea of galactic clusters, there is the idea of galaxies. Within the idea of galaxies there is the idea of star systems, and within the idea of star systems there is the idea of solar systems. Within the idea of solar systems there is the idea of planets, and within the idea of (some) planets there is the idea of eco-systems and this goes on and on to atoms and particles and beyond to a quantum level where nothing exists but potentialities. It is simply a very elaborate framework of thought geometries that are self-consistent and self-sustaining that follow a system of rules and laws that seem to govern its seeming existence. This existence all takes place in thought and nowhere else, and it is only the consciousness' imagined experience of it that makes it seem real. All of these seeming objects are just egoic symbols that consciousness agrees to interpret as actual objects that the symbols represent in thought.

As far as the idea of this universe goes, there is only one mind, one ego, one being (so-to-speak) that is experienced as many through the egoic process of imaginary division. We are all one being, and you are another myself, and I am another yourself. We are, if you will, like so many little biological antennas, each one receiving and broadcasting within it's own frequency range. Your seeming physical antenna is receiving/broadcasting what you call self (insert your name here) that you agree to believe is apart from me, and my seeming antenna is receiving/broadcasting Victor the seeming person imagining typing this symbol of an article. What we perceive as "universal space" or the "vacuum of space", is a point without magnitude, infinitely dense with thought, and what we perceive as an object (take your pick) is simply a persistent idea or thought manifest and will appear to exist as long as it is held in focused manifestation.

Our brains do not generate thought; in fact there are no new thoughts - ever. Everything that can or will, ever take the form of a human thought, already exists now, and always has, and always will (as long as this false universe exists). Our brains are part of the antenna that receives and broadcasts in our seemingly individual unique frequency ranges, thus as seeming individuals we translate the symbolic or pure nature of thought into corporal or human objective thought and visa versa. We are in constant communication with our Authentic Identity, yet we refuse to recognize it. We think that we are real, and separate and individual, when we are actually all just ideas within one.

It's like a room full of identical radios all tuned to different stations, and each radio is influenced by the content of its broadcast to appear as unique and independent. But smash any radio (or radios), and the station that it was playing, does not go off the air, it continues just as it ever did. As soon as a new radio gets constructed and tuned to that particular frequency, that seeming personality seems to reappear. Some people call this process reincarnation. But the body (radio) is an illusion, it is a temporary object that can be threatened, it is the station that is more real, and its source is not of this universe. Its source is YOU, what you really are, the Authentic Identity, and it is the source of us all. There is no place where you end, and I begin. Only in this imaginary illusion of separateness do the precepts of duality exist. Yet we continually attach to the body and suffer with it and mourn it when it passes from the form we label as alive to the form we label as dead.

To Be Continued ...

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor

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