This moment on iPeace reminds me of our unity during the beginning of the war in Gaza

For those "older" members of iPeace, doesn't this moment here remind you of how we were as a group during the beginning of the war in Gaza ? We were so united. We helped each other. We tried to keep our morale up. AND we tried to keep David's morale up, he in Israel, he having an enormous "chore" to keep about 15,000 people happy and going strong.

Now we are feeling something that is uniting us once again in a deep feeling....we are terribly concerned about this website. About the contacts we have made , about the concern we have for all we have contributed possibly vanishing before our fingertips...Our concerns are about people ALL OVER this world. When else have we had the chance to relate in this manner? What a unique, marvelous, overpowering feeling! What an opportunity. Thanks to the internet, thanks to David Califa's idea that became overwhelming, especially for him, now that the site is at a problem stage...a time when help and support has left (I believe, I imagine).

Before I forget PLEASE READ GUNILLA CAISSON'S LATEST MARVELOUS BLOG..."Now your healing light is >needed"....
it is beautiful and very revealing of just how people are made)

One ENORMOUS difference in THIS particular moment on the site, is that our "face to face" connection, comunication with our leader is missing. And this makes things, to say the least, confusing and frustrating, and very difficult.
I can understand from my long life experience that for some, being overwhelmed can lead to peoples' silence.
THIS is where I think David is at right now. IT is just too much. WE are just too many to write to, talk to, deal with. He perhaps feels the need to pull away to be able to think, plan, organize, reflect, deal with this enormous is just too too much.
So, what do we do now....keep writing, keep in touch with him, expect to get an answer?
David, I hope you realize that we DO comunicate to you, to each other regarding this problem because
it is the only hope we have! We have to keep writing to you, because WE need to.
If we don't get an answer, if we don't know all the details (!), we still have to keep writing. Because we cannot brush anything under the peaceful carpet, acting as if a problem doesn't exist. It does.
And in the process of all this, just like dozens of other things we have learned on this "out of sight "(old American expression meaning fantastic, extraordinary) site, we are LEARNING. And we are feeling united. And THIS is the extremely positive part of this "problem moment". It is the growing moment, once again....and we are learnng how many different people relate and act differently to "solve" this problem.

Good luck to you David. Good luck to all of us. We can get back to normal iPeace posting, relating, putting up pictures, responding to blogs....but somehow, it reminds me of other times in life when one goes ahead with something knowing that any minute now...things could change. Eventually we are going to know. It's the waiting that makes us feel insecure, unstable, definitely different from before.

Have a good weekend. See you here.

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Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on February 18, 2010 at 10:41pm
As usual dear friend Stef..You wrote most eloquently,how so many of us feel..what we are thinking. thank YOU Stef! In a time of much change & difficulties in my own life , I had not the time nor energy to write a blog or two. I did write to many people,here and facebook. Also to David,as so many of us have.
Yes, I think you are completely correct in all you wrote..I say I think,as with no response from David,we can only guess. Based on what little he has written. With Gordon gone on to focus on
"The Global We" has left much need for new admin. I sent out email asking for Motorcycle Hippy Al to take over for Gordon. He (Al) agreed to do it,with help. Many others here also agreed and feel as I do Al is the perfect choice.
How to ask David for approval? Will we get a reply? Who knows?
Most of my posts to David were on facebook.
Well I need get back to my work in my new flat,still trying get All moved in & address,new info. out to all needs to..sigh.
I will return to write more when am able.
Than You Stef & gunilla for your reply.
Comment by gunilla caisson on January 30, 2010 at 2:58pm
So many feel just like you express it. It so precisly.. so middle of the dot. You are dressing our wonderings in words

But where is everyone? where is the good conversation?

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