Three parquet on China Development Forum, the country has been relatively Shaorenwenjin three parquet pushed to below the experts and the public eye, including the "Power Dekor", "Nature" and other flooring industry leading enterprises floor, including 13 enterprises to promote three parquet. Nearly a month past, the reporter visited a number of large home building materials stores in Guangzhou found that the market for the new wood floor is still rare, in pure solid wood flooring based products "Nature" brand stores, the only 4 three parquet cares little. Consumers generally reflect the "price is high, it is difficult to accept." More expensive than the "composite", more environmentally friendly than the "wood" as a kind acrylic fence canada of just jumped into the Guangzhou Consumer Perspective "new" floor, three-layer parquet feature for many consumers puzzled.

According to "Nature" salesman, three parquet from outside to inside into the surface layer, core and back, a total thickness of more than 15 mm. Surface layer is made of precious solid wood made its thickness is 2 mm. Multi-core made of a relatively soft wood pine, aspen, making the flooring foot feeling better. Main highlights three parquet is its firmness. It is understood that three-wood is in accordance with criss-cross in the next three to glue together, that underlying vertical distribution, lateral distribution of the intermediate layer, the arrangement of the vertical distribution of the surface, and solid wood strips between core and leave some gaps, facilitate and the bottom panel of the expansion itself, to avoid panel cracking phenomenon. Surface, core, bottom three layers contain each other and easy to release stress. Therefore, compared with solid wood flooring, three-layer parquet easy to play drums crack deformation, higher stability, heat resistance stronger. In addition, compared with ordinary laminate flooring (laminate flooring), in fact, almost no wood surface layer of visual effects and feel the difference with the solid wood flooring, solid wood floor to meet consumer pursuit of quality.

Seller Power Dekor fast-paced store, said a large number compared to traditional wood flooring wood materials, "its only 2 mm thick solid wood plank, solid wood saves valuable timber resources, in line with the current trend of environmental protection. "multi-layer composite, solid wood is still the mainstream and in the same campaign as the nature of the floor best anti slip for decks participate in the store, the reporter saw a similar scene. In Vietnam and international building materials stores in the center of nature, filled with a variety of pure solid wood and laminate flooring, only to cabinet arrayed in four three-layer parquet floor model. According to the salesman Zhong Jieshao, nature just launched a red sandalwood, Burma teak and other four kinds of materials three parquet, and these products do not appear on any in-store promotional advertising leaflets or catalogs. "Consumers buy this wood floor is not much." Chung bluntly.

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