Committed #2 (Tsch's Number)

one last poem before i go- i feel home already, so...
leave me your number- i will call you back sister
friend, i AM your brother and me being here a show
committed of my own free will so drugs no longer blister
burn, destroy, decimate, DE-animate- so breathe easily
seldom do you find anything except in the last place you looked
though dragged away twice in handcuffs, i came here freely
only if life is enjoyed will reality ever really be booked
opened, to read- a show to be seen- once we catch up- yours
just as friends- again, i'm your brother- parading- insane tours
one way to go- the direction home- sanity, love and cares
everyone around who's listening and watching wakes up in pairs
self first- help yourself first then help others; all you can
pare down the insanity, turn up the music and make a stand
friends to the end- black, white and all colors in between
you've lent me your number, now just be- when we're free we meet

Working (Late Again)

where's the time with me you so often find to give to him
when it's worthless- when he's wasted already- wait for tomorrow
why? why do you think i say it? i am an 'alien'?
only me- same problems, different perspective- no sorrow
only living with the insane- i belong- am i really that crazy?
really? to say i'm an alien and you say that is what is alienating us
killing off a bit more of the family- i don't know how, but temporary
i haven't hurt anyone, anything- except a vehicle (not yours)- some trust?
no advice i have offered ever was thoughtless- or untested
nearly 30 years i watched, learned, extrapolated and digested
'genius'? no... attentive, intentional, careful- almost carelessly so
going crazy trying to function on nothing, but being. i go...
gone crazy trying to explain i don't need anything from you
exactly like you said you wanted me to

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