Good morning. A little cool in Santa Barbara today -- we're not used to that! But it's warming up, and the sky is clear. That dog across the street is still barking now and then. The birdies on the balcony have had their breakfast...

It was fun showing up here this morning, to discover my blog post on the front page -- right next to the story on the Nobel Prize! That was beautiful. What does the Nobel Prize winner say? "No crisis can't be solved..."

I took a minute to carefully read the blog post "Imagine a World", by Velcrow Ripper. I feel so in tune with that post. If feels like a calling into something. It's inviting. It says "yes we can". It says "we"...

This -- has been the great thing about this iPeace place. There is wisdom here, and grace, and passion, and experience and excellence. A teeming vitality, bursting with creative resonance. It's so fertile. Of course we can do this...

So -- I've got this blog post in my buffer, and I want to post a reply -- a kind of "dialogue". I'm a big believer in dialogue -- and in "co-creativity". Many hands make work light, many voices make conversations interesting...

So, there's all this stuff going on. I think David Califa is organizing a big festival in Israel right now. That guy is getting things done. And for me -- this little "Portal" project -- has just been flowing through me, and our group on "The Global Resonance Network". I guess the question is -- how can we "entrain" or harmonize or interconnect all this great energy -- in a way that can have a powerful and effective impact -- on the unhappy wounded craziness that goes on in the world. Velcrow Ripper and Obama -- and thousands of us right here -- say yes we can...

But that's a big question. How can we do this? Maybe the first part of the answer is -- Together.

Maybe something we can do here on iPeace, in some of these blogs -- is figure out how this might work. How 13,000 -- or 1,000,000 -- peaceniks and lovers and artists and spirit-beings and keyboard-pounders -- can start pulling together, and radiating an amazing new vision and energy everywhere across this planet...

I was thinking about David, "getting the horses in harness". David knows how to get the volunteers to line up, to start pulling the wagon, in ways that really get the horses excited...

Just think about that. 13,000 excited smiling volunteers with computers all over the world -- starting to come into resonance -- starting to think, hmmmm, wait a minute -- this could happen!

Yumpin' yimminy. That would be fun.


Well, ok. I do want to post a dialogue. But I want to pace this conversation, too, and not push too hard. I've got some pending invitations to accept, a few new friends to go meet. I'm going to post this right now, and kick around this iPeace a little bit more, and get things in tune. So many thanks to everybody.

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Comment by Jock Scott TheVoice on December 30, 2008 at 8:23pm
NOT easy yet - Why not set a day in each continent FOR
actual physical meetings. With Peace Hero's that mean PEACE to them!
The idea. (( All begins when thought becomes Flesh - The Word. end quote, Jock. ))
1 (Asia/India) Spring Ghandi's Day,*
2 (America's) Summer Lynne Hazelden's DAY,
3 (Arfica S Africa.) Autumn Nelson Mandela's DAY,*
4 (JAPAN+China ) Winter John Lennon Day Dec 8.*
5 (Europe - Glastonbury England) renewal ! YULE Dr. Vivienne Nathanson DAY,*
6 (South America Lima Peru & Rio Brazil) Rigoberta Manchu DAY,*
7 (ALBA & Australia The Gathering Edinburgh & Sidney. Once the same Rocks STILL the Oldest! reUnited.*) For All in person & online! Hogmannay? New Year*
more Firey idea Hands around the Vatican. Peaceful joining of hands to express peace
& support to All People be they of any gender or sexuality. All People are My People. yes?
Comment by Nancy Kaye on December 29, 2008 at 11:52pm
Peace Align in 2009!
Ushering in New Strength for Peace. Internal Vibrant Thoughts Outward Shinning of Being Peaceful...Abound!
Starting right now.....! New Year Peace!
My iPeace Pledge
Namaste, Nancy
Comment by Sabine Theresia on December 29, 2008 at 12:51pm
Dear friends on this space for 'Working Together for Peace and Unity'. This morning reading the new added comments HERE, was like already feeling the spirit of a baby that will be born in 2009. I'm so glad, that the dialogue that was opened with Bruce's 'Portal to Unitiy' does not lead to creating a new social network standing near iPeace, like there are standing already hundreds of more or less effective social networks one near the other or even far away from others. Because I didn't like this idea (that was only the result of a misunderstanding) I already added two comments to the 'Portal of Unity' blog.
This morning, when I read Andys comment here, I only felt: THAT'S IT. And it is so encouraging to find the preview of ways to realize this KEY TO PEACE AND UNITY within the same comment. I am so glad, that you EXPERIENCED AKTIVISTS are HERE with all your individual and social power: Bruce, Andy, David, Velcrow, Linda, Hope and all the others...
But I'm also encouraged by the wise words of Louise concerning those different types of people that all come and SYNERGIZE (Does this word exist? I think you know what I mean) HERE. I think in me the WATER and the AIR elements are the stronger ones. But I deserve the people with so much EARTH and FIRE as you have. Well, all those elements are in the AIR now: I feel it 'passionately and deeply' (Louise) and I try to 'see all different ways of thinking about' (Louise) this UNITY subject.
Our world needs a lot of structural change. The 'United Nations' are not really able to work effectivly. This idea that Andy put in here really seems to by the key for bringing all the powers of the different social networks together: Otherwise the competition among them might rise with their exploding numbers. Every network also has his own quality, the elements named in Louise's comment can also be found within the different networks in different concentrations. What I like in iPeace, that WE seem to be A VERY GOOD MIXTURE of all the different elements and dimension that belong to LIVING on EARTH and LIVING PEACE on EARTH. And together with the other networks dreaming our dreams and following the same big way to UNITY, we can start to LIVE THIS UNITY on a HIGHER and DEEPER LEVEL.
Please you guys with the passion and the knowledge and the experience with computers, social networks and cyperspace (whatever this really is), help us to a soon coming out, something like a 'United Humanity': a network, where not single people are members, but social networks, that already exist, so that everybody already joining such a network will be automatically part of the ONE. The goal really should be only ONE global network for bringing together all the NGOs (that already exist much longer than these social networks and already have done so much for Peace and Unitiy) and those social networks that are really social and following democratic, peaceful, humanitarian and healing goals.
Thanks everybody HERE for his individual part in this ONE great EXPERIENCE. Sabine
Comment by Madi S. Njie on December 29, 2008 at 8:19am
Greetings to All in the name of peace,

I think things do happen on time. Time may be the most precious thing in this networking. Yes dialogue counts a lot. Whether to find solution sooner or later, the Middle East crisis has claimed thousands of lives over the years and 206 more deaths recorded days ago.

Let the proposals be point of discussion, recommendations and the wayforward.

Thanks, peace, love and prosperity to All. Time fore World Action for Peace Movement

Thanks iPeace, thanks Mr Bruce, and all contributors
Best regards
Comment by Andy Skadberg on December 29, 2008 at 1:38am
As a result of some time spent here and the last two years researching "social networks" I have launched a project that has been under active conceptual development for the last two years. It is called IAmSharing. I call IAmSharing a "collaborative network". It intends to accomplish just what you have mentioned Bruce - to help like minded people come together to collaborate on projects, here in cyberspace, and then take them to world.

Now, in a competitive mind-set, people might think that IAmSharing, iPeace and the other social networks are competing. A friend of mine who is a global networker suggested another concept yesterday. I believe he is correct. Maybe all these networks could be one. He introduced me to another network forming with a complimentary vision

I challenge us to discover how the various networks might join together and create a "creative" synergistic network of networks to empower each to accomplish their visions. Each could stay focused on there specific piece of the puzzle (or ingredient into the pie) and we could all get a much larger piece of pie and accomplish our goals much more effectively and efficiently. I don't know all the steps for this to happen, but I do know, with the desire and vision to reach our independent goals and collective goal (peace and a better world) we will be shown the way - step by step.

Thanks Bruce for posting this "action item", it is really one of my obsessions, to move from socialising on the Web to making things happen. And David, thanks again for leading to way to Peace! To learn more about the concept and vision behind IAmSharing just visit the site ( There are a number of postings that provide information. I also have considerable work accomplished for how we might move forward with the network. I have theoretical concepts at my consulting Web site

All the best,
Comment by Dr. S.Ramakrishnan on December 28, 2008 at 11:42pm
Here is peace placed with understanding, quantified as a blog and it leads all hearts towards the PEACE that passeth all understanding.

Comment by s ace ixik on December 28, 2008 at 11:07pm
hi bruce ~is me s'ace~ pondering your ...

"But I want to pace this conversation, too, and not push too hard."

i doubled it a liTTle bit:

But I want to peace this conversation, too, and push it to hearth and offer it for being heard.

weLL poëthicaLLy Do Change ALL the Ti'me ;-)
Comment by maghraoui khalid on December 28, 2008 at 9:46pm
dis moi comment vous parler de peace et la plus part de monde deteste les musulmans .c'est vrais que certain utlisent l'ilame pour ces propre besoin mais c.v.d pas que l'islam est mauvais lislam c'est une relegion de peace crois moi voir l'istoir .et merci a tous le monde qui aime la paix .
Comment by David Califa on December 28, 2008 at 9:21pm
and i meant reading my mind on the first comment :)
Comment by David Califa on December 28, 2008 at 9:19pm
All this said, we insist that all dialogue in iPeace will be conducted according to our simple guidelines.

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