You may say I'm a dreamer. or what kind of iPeace we want.

I received a message from Stephanie:

If anyone is on our minds these days.....guess who it is.
Why don't you keep an online journal to let us know how YOU are doing.
We are all curious to know. You work miracles, keep us going and growing.
And you??

Why not? 85 messages in iPeace and same amount of emails can wait.

First, I am tired, very tired. I have been working 16 hours days since the beginning of the Gaza war trying to keep the iPeace space, free as it is, under some sort of control.
I feel and understand the pain, anger, shock and horror that bring many of us to express themselves. Yet at the same time we need to set guidelines to keep iPeace a place of peace.

I am very sad and frustrated because of this futile war. I say futile because it will not bring peace. It will bring more hate, lifelong pain and despair. It will bring more distrust and fear. And if we let it, it will kill hope.

I am also angry because I see iPeace being exploited by hate mongers, racists and propaganda peddlers. I spend hours on end reading blogs, discussions and mass messaging. Among words of encouragement, unity and warmth, I also find a lot of manipulation, half truths, hate and outright lies. The war on public awareness is been battled in iPeace. The victims of this war are all of us, especially those who don't know the elusive facts of this 100 year old conflict.

This war is futile too, because hating Israel or the Hamas more will not bring peace or justice, nor will it bring back the dead. There is only one way, the peace way, iPeace way. I have no doubt that our way will prevail.

I feel hope when I read the correspondence between Majed, who is trapped in bombarded Gaza to Myron, an Israeli who lives in a settlement in the west bank. I know that they are also talking on the phone. Any member who takes part of this thread can feel the power of the friendship being formed. It's a friendship stronger than any dividing wall. This makes me feel accomplished. We made it possible.

My heart sings when I read your poetry, look at your visual art, listen to your music, see you forming new friendships and celebrating diversity. We are almost 15,000 today, we come from over 180 countries, we own the culture of the world and we believe in our power to effect change.

What comments you write on my page fills me with energy every day. Here's a little sample:

David -- I've been thinking about you -- often. I was just now noting that iPeace is up past 14,000 members now. You have touched a nerve, and are convening a lot of hope. We all owe you a lot of thanks -- I hope you can feel that, because I know that thousands of people appreciate what you have done, and the way you have done it.

David, Thankyou for your tireless efforts. Inspirational. At times the path seems tough and fruitless, but not hard compared to those brothers and sisters suffering. We must continue to work hard for Peace...we must be supportive and united in our efforts. So much good will and can we truly harness this energy to make a It is urgent.

David, the warmest of heart wishes to you pre - iPeace day.

So many people have told me how deeply iPeace has changed their lives, how much respect they feel present here. How empowering it is. How unique it is. Read the comment on my page from Douglas. These are difficult times. Like the roots of a tree... stay firm in your vision.

With all the pain we feel today and will probably feel in the coming days, we must keep iPeace peaceful and resent anyone who tries to spoil it.

This is your iPeace. This is what you wrote about it:

iPeace is a new borderless movement of peaceful and nonviolent people united by and advocating the common humanity of all mankind.

iPeace is an open channel for communication. iPeace is the opposite of isolation, fear and ignorance.
iPeace is inspiration. Coming from a region, where mistrust prevails, there are often moments of no hope, no faith, no optimism. iPeace is like a torch I want to make burn as brightly as possible - a torch that reflects love, respect, hope, acceptance, giving ... and peace on earth. The more we work together the brighter the light will be to hand over to future generations.

It reaches to the depth of my soul , in poetry, i can convey my inner spirit , my tears , iPeace set me free , gave me love and friends united in one , a bond of love and mutual understanding.

iPeace is a vibrantly alive creative hub of caring passionate people from everywhere, with computer skills, education, and vision. The world urgently needs creative approaches to its ancient problems, and the international energy of this place is exciting, potent, and capable.

iPeace what does it mean to me: to me it means there is love, giving, receiving, peace, happiness in the world. We should to thrive for all iPeace stands for if we are go on living in harmony. I love you all.

I find myself dropping into iPeace for a bit of tranquility. I love the connection and communication between friends and the respect that is woven into the very fabric that holds iPeace together.

iPeace means that all of a sudden, it is actually possible that one can feel connected as human beings, different races, religions, all drawn towards one peaceful word: PEACE. The opportunity to speak our voice, united, peacefully, towards one goal, that in getting along, in a world that was, most likely, meant to be lived in just this way.

iPeace is my harbor in good and bad times

iPeace is the new building blocks for a better place
'BUILD and they will COME' ...

iPeace is a meeting place for people of goodwill.

iPeace to me is Sanctuary. There are many threads in this Tapestry of Vision. The Vision is one of Interconnection and Peace. Sanctuary is sacred space; we are building that place of refugee and renewal in this strange new medium.

iPeace for me started from one self to the other with tolerances and affections.
Being compassionate and total understandings in each cause so as the effects.
iPeace is a new modern and intelligent way to connect the world without boundaries to share and observe opinions towards whats happening to the world today. It is an active electronic blood stem working towards a common vision for world PEACE for all living beings.

iPeace stands for me as my and everybody's loving "I.nmost P.ersonal E.ndeavor for A.uthenticity, C.ontenance and E.mpathy" in the world....
Pure intellectual knowledge without the global wisdom of our HEARTS and our SOULS is a "dead end".

iPeace is a refuge from the storm,
from the madness in this world,
It's a place to call home.
a place for hearts to reach each other,
reconnect,inspire,share love
and work together.
One dream,one heart,one world!!!

iPeace, for me, is an avenue in which we all can stroll down and speak to our fellow man the message we all so desperately need to hear. It is the valley that streams our beacons of Light from we who are 'LightHouse's'. Spreading overstanding of what must be and be heard. "YOU" are the 'i' in iPeace.

Unlike those social networks which expose the baser side of human nature, iPeace is a shining light for human nobility. iPeace reflects the universal desire for peace and brotherhood.

iPeace brought a rush of fears
until I saw they were mine
I dug and soared the iPeace fields
And found this place Divine

There's not a word or vision of
that doesn't show concern
for all the corners of the earth
The journeys we have learned

I know I'm safe I feel it so
no harshness this I know
This peace I embrace in cyber space
A place I can call home..

The Secret of Peace

Only when this inner still
descends upon my soul
can I hear the world weep
for all its children’s pain.

Peace is a quiet place in our minds where there is no war or greed or poverty or cruelty...the important thing is to make that quiet place reality, and not only a utopian idea. I believe it will be possible one day.

Now, is it not our responsibility to keep iPeace peaceful?

Join iPeace, Invite others

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Comment by Mark Kolb on January 11, 2009 at 3:54am
Shame on Israel for killing 800+ civilians under the guise of protecting its homeland. The 80-1 death ratio (Palestinians vs Israelis) is inhumane. Time for the people of the world to demand that their governments condemn Israel along with Hamas, not just Hamas alone. Time for Israel to be charged as war criminals.
Comment by phyllis pearce on January 10, 2009 at 3:37pm
if we all stay strong, even though it seems impossible at time, we will prevail! i believe in this because we are united in this a most precious and dear cause. i'll keep recruiting , praying and speaking with whoever i come across to spread the word. i'm committed to this. phyllis
Comment by JoAnn on January 8, 2009 at 6:13pm
David I agree with you. This network, along with many others, is seeing it's share of hate and fear-mongers. I have also seen the insidious infiltration of groups and organizations which operate under the guise of being for peace, for humanity, and for the environment, while on deeper examination one finds that these lovely sounding organizations are funded and orchestrated by global factions whose ultimate intent is the opposite of what they promote in their recruiting activities. Many operate as U.N. sanctioned agencies. Their funding can often be traced tight back to the people and corporations which fund both sides or all of the major conflicts on this planet.

The nature of these operations is so well hidden from the average person, especially in a country like America, where our media is heavily controlled, and our education system designed to hide these truths. Only those who actively pursue this information will find it. While these discoveries can be painful, I believe it is important to understand the nature of the energies involved, if we are to change them.

It is natural to feel fear and anger when we witness the genocide which is occurring in Gaza, as well as other places around the planet. What is not understood by most people is that holding on to that fear and anger only gives more power to the negative energy, and prolongs it. The fear and anger is often misdirected, as people have yet to come to understand who and what is behind the violence and domination. It's designed to be that way. The true puppet masters are hidden behind many veils of propaganda and programming of our perceptions.

I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer and meditation. I also believe that we have to know what we're praying and meditating for, if we are to allow the manifestation of those prayers. I spend a lot of my time educating people on the harsh realities of this planet, but I also do my best to educate them on how to change those realities, by recognizing and learning how to use their own power. We can redirect the negative energies we're seeing around the globe, and replace them with peace and abundance.

Prayer and mediation are very powerful, but we also have to go beyond that, We live in a 3 dimensional plane, which often requires inspired action, if we're to manifest change. That action can come in many forms. Clearly you've chose to act by running this network, which is a blessing to many. Each of those needs to choose a positive action which will raise the vibration of all of us. Some may be full time activist, some may simply serve by passing on a bit of truth, or making another smile. We all have our purpose, and our path to take us there.

Thank you for your valuable work. :-)
Comment by Thea on January 8, 2009 at 4:21pm

Hoping that there will be soon peace in the Middle East.
Comment by Hala on January 8, 2009 at 1:14pm
When they said that " Peace is by the people, with the people and for the people, they meant ALL people.David, it's US who will bring change, not those who add fuel, refueling the conflict. We will be here. THEY are the ones who should turn away, not us.
Peace be upon you David!
Comment by Bruce Schuman on January 8, 2009 at 12:01am
Sharing Peace. Making a Difference. I love that simple little graphic -- by Fatima Queiroz. It's a charming symbol -- of how we can all say the same thing -- in a thousand different languages.

David -- you know, the pulse is out there working. It's pushing beauty through the veins of the world. It's saying -- that LIFE -- life itself -- will carry us.

If you need some sleep, get some sleep. You got a lot more to do. Take care of yourself. You've got lots of helpers.
Comment by Linda on January 7, 2009 at 9:50pm
I wish that everyone, everywhere would look at what they are doing to our wonderful God given world and pray for a revival of God's will to be manifested in their lives.
Blessings and love to all on I'Peace for 2009.
Comment by Michael Calkins(aka)LonelySoul on January 7, 2009 at 3:03pm
Artwork by Boris...4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Comment by Michael Calkins(aka)LonelySoul on January 7, 2009 at 2:55pm

I wrote this just after the escalations in Gaza,hoping the world will listen to our words of Peace and Love... but it seems the only words they hear are words of Greed and War...but WHY?
Peace'd be Nice
I push for Peace in all that I do,
we need a truce between me and you,
we need to get humble,or our world will crumble,
For Peace I speak out,to leave you no doubt,
I've seen the crashes and I've seen them Rumble,
don't sit on your asses or sit and mumble,
ashes to ashes if we just watch it crumble...
I push for Peace in all that I do,
we're going to Hell in a Handbasket,
the world me and you,
In a world full of greed,in a world full of need,
we need to find peace,it's Red We All Bleed,
Conflict and War should be a Thing of the Past,
PLEASE,find a solution for A True Peace to Last...
So I speak up for Peace,for the World, Me and You,
I speak up for peace in everything I do,
Because I Love my LIFE,Humanity,I love even You,
I write a poem,or a song for a dance,
anything I can,Just Give Peace a Chance,
While our world is turning,more than Passion is burning,
and something to think of...we kill of everything that we love,
it's awfully harming with global warming,
Yes,melting the polar ice,
Be Cheerfully Charming,even Heart Warming,
Yes,I think Peace'd be nice...

Comment by winnie on January 7, 2009 at 12:28pm
dear david,

thanks for telling about you+your peace-work.
i am convinced that each rise of shadows brings forth a rise of light - no guilt - only a game to let us learn to make the best out of us. without obstacles&pain we are not used to learn. it is an old program that is now slowly fading out - beacuse of people like you.
the age of aquarius is the time for the free will of all lightworking+soulaware beings.
if we become aware of our linked existence and reach the goal to love all as one - there will be peace and a world filled with light and new games & new experiences.
feel the light+love+energy that so many peaceloving people - like me - send you!
feel assured & strong enough to cope with whatever God gives or takes you.
feel blessed to be part of the world - right at the moment.
feel my thanks for being what+who you are

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