Paradise on earth.

Welcome to Paradise!. Where We are the Eagle, Nature the Dove. Flying together, a world lite by love. Where Peace rules us, thus, this earth.

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Paradise on planet Earth!

Welcome ALL.
All nations, all languages, all religions, rich and poor.
Welcome to Paradise, it has begun.
Some rules: Religion, politics, and all else are WELCOME here.
There is no "This is the only right way and if you don't your damned forever".
There is TOLERANCE here of ALL religions, that seek the TRUTH.

I live in Paradise. Simply because I am aware of it!
If you feel that driving a petroleum car or coal fired power is acceptable in Paradise?
Please keep in mind, your not the only one here!
I melt snow for my water, I drink the rain. No one suffers from your actions?
I pay with my health, if this is your choice, for how to live in Paradise.
This is not a rule, it is simply telling the truth.

I was not born to this earth in this time and form and species, by accident, I was sent here.
I remember before I was born, and that which created me.
It was important that I did, so I would remember why I am here.

If in the future millions of voices cried out, it is quite possible for them to be heard across space and time.
That, is why I am here.

I carry with me seeds of peace.
In their name, I came.

I believe if we can pay others to do this:

as if not seeing it removes us from being responsible for it.

I believe:
That we can, in our quest for PEACE change it to paradise,
with INTENTION because we want to live with our selves in peace.
And know, we did something, to change, ourselves.
Like a caterpillar, turns into a butterfly,
we can change, into something very very beautiful.

Sometimes that may take a bit of time,
to spin a cocoon, and look deep within our selves,
to see what we have been doing to this earth to live here,
and to have the determination, to change.
as each of us assumes responsibility for being part OF all life on earth.
To demand of OURSELVES, to change into something more beautiful,
what, we were meant, to be in the first place.

Please contribute, your definitions of the end goal for humans.
To evolve into what we were created for and to be.
To help each other one step at a time, or to take larger steps.

This is not to point out our obstacles, though solutions are welcome.
But to contribute to a blueprint that perhaps others may also see,
and seek to help to build. Not focused on our past problems,
but our DESTINATION, and take the steps on this journey,
to Paradise that is already here.

I hope to alter this group based on its input, less to my direction I see but closer to ours, based on these contributions that as a group it may evolve.

I am on solar and wind power, and slow internet connection.
Please refrain from posting automatic loading videos and heavy images
(or I may not be able to view this page)

Please, share your words, your visions of a world living at peace, of a Paradise
of a species, devoted to the restoration, of a Paradise, for all life on earth.
That I and we all, may learn to become better and evolve into the garden tenders,

And live in peace with all life here with how we live
creating Paradise on Earth as a natural result of our existence here.

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Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 23, 2008 at 7:01am
That (Caroline) took around 20 minutes. But certain things are worth the wait :D
My wife told me how sad she was in the checkout line to see all the people in a row.

Then told me of her granddaughter who is to young to even know how to speak,
staring up at a lighted Christmas tree in total awe.
not thoughts nor words in her mind, just, there,
her and that sparkling Christmas tree
with her grandmother watching her
with pure beautiful love in her heart
as she started at the child staring at the tree.

Its not about checkout lines.
Its about love.

You cannot buy Paradise,
you can only surrender yourself to it.
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 20, 2008 at 9:47pm
Hi, even without a lot of images it still takes around 20 minutes to load a page on this site on dialup. So I have not had a whole lot of time to spend here while also working VERY hard for my clients.
I did how ever start a petition We agree not to buy another new petroleum powered vehicle. Which is not to say I'm going to go out and buy a new car right away because I cant afford one, but, I will not buy one that runs on gasoline. Many American auto manufacturers are asking our government for $.
But, if they made electric cars like they do in China ( I refuse to buy things from China with all the human rights issues and Burma and Tibet) then instead of spending all that money on the oil industry to fuel these cars, people could sooner afford a new car?
It just does not make sense to me when people have been wanting electric cars for decades that they seem to be trying NOT to produce them. And then when no one can afford a new car because of the cost of gas, they want the government to give them $ ?
So I figure if 5 million people TELL THEM that we will not buy a new gasoline powered car, maybe, maybe they will listen to that? Or the stock holders will, and will put some pressure on them to do what we have been asking them to do for decades?
Comment by luisella valeri on December 18, 2008 at 12:38am
Tree, not now. Italia must now makes what EU decides, and is better, for this day! I consider your proposal, if necessary.Thanks! smiles
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 17, 2008 at 10:22am
You posted a few comments back about changes in your government.
Is there anything any of us here can do to help (petitions?)?
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 17, 2008 at 6:48am
My misunderstanding there Johnnie, thank you for making that more clear! :D
Comment by Johnnie on December 17, 2008 at 6:35am
Tree...when I mention being a Golden Ruler it is not about ruling over or being ruled over...I don't want either...for myself or for anything is simply trying to show the same respect for all things that you would enjoy in your own life...the Golden Rule...written nearly exactly in all religions and also shared by nearly every group of indigenous people to ever walk this Earth...the worlds shortest the beginning...Golden probably messes up...the end........Johnnie
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 17, 2008 at 6:15am
Please everyone "Members of Paradise on earth" is there for you to tell us about yourselves!
please do introduce yourselves! :)
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 17, 2008 at 6:12am
Johnnie, I have been wanting to avoid being a "Golden Ruler" my whole life. I have intentionally kept myself out of the front pages. Intentionally not taking credit for may world changes, because I wanted those changes to happen faster if set FREE.
And they did.
I have done the math, and experimented, changing this world GLOBALLY.
There is a pattern to it that works within months to cover the whole earth and change lives.

Many you speak of, were they types who were my teachers.
Even the Hopi Nation (Native American, refused changes, and their name literally translated is "The People of Peace", have been putting up solar panels!

I am in the process of creating more global changes.
I am waiting for some answers back from the person who retrieved the ice core samples Al Gore used in "An Inconvenient Truth", that person has been a neighbor of mine long before going to the south pole to get those samples.
I am waiting, for a few key people in this world, to get back to me, then I start in motion MORE global changes.

I am here at iPeace after looking all over the internet, for the right location to carry out a piece of the puzzle, and I am building it here. Because this is the correct location.
But I have protected it also, by placing it at a separate location in event something happens to this site or this group.
Many of the main people in this group, are those DOING the changes with their lives, and how we live here, and it is NICE to be surrounded by like minds, who may or may not be aware of how much you have been changing this world already!
Doing it yourselves, spreads it!
You are as seeds in the garden of Paradise.
If no one else has patted you on the back for your changes and how you have helped change this world?
I'm patting you on the back right now THANKING YOU!
If a "ruler" then I am no longer "the average person"
And I cannot then help the average person to change, by BEING one and CHANGING, so I know HOW.

My neighbors are putting up solar panels and wind generators.
My brother sold his sports car and bought a horse.
Everyone I know is changing. OTHER than, many HERE who I think of as the AVERAGE PERSON
People who SEE me change, turn around and do the SAME THING.
People online who cant SEE me change, only seem to listen not join in, and I need to understand this barrier.
All life on earth, is in the balance,
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on December 17, 2008 at 5:57am
Lastpaige WELCOME!!
There is more to come as time allows me to build and in part I am waiting for others to make more contributions because I am listening, and wanting to build this, based on what I learn from others.
I do not want to do this alone.
I want input, I want US to create this. And want to hear from everyone, how.
This is again not about the problems but the solutions.
These solutions need to be a replacement for how things have been done by the average person, but NEED to be better, than how things have been done, for them to spread globally on there own. Describe Paradise. Your version of it!
Comment by Johnnie on December 16, 2008 at 7:36pm
....Human beings are solar powered many have been programmed with all the wrong is so a Golden Ruler....but don't think it only pertains to other involves the complete Universe and everything contained can the Human race have emerged from people that all knew that Nature was the thing to worship and that this Earth nurtured them and it was their best friend....Tree...I know many people that live the life of their ancestors...we dont hear from them because they refuse to buy a computer or even have looking for them here is like looking for your quarter under a street is easy to look there but you will not find because it was never there...for those of us that feel it is more important to try and change things than be absolute purists iPeace seems to be a great place...thanks to everyone of brings me great joy to find such fantastic passengers sharing this great cruise ship Earth...Johnnie

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