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New Years Eve 2009 We must make our changes in the now, not the future!

I just watched a beautiful Utube video called Predictions for 2010 from Beyond. This video says that during this next year we will find out everything we've wanted to know, we will cure many diseases we cannot now, we will essentially become the co-creators that we have longed for and waited for in the world.

What it didn't say was that none of that is going to happen unless we actually step into first making the changes within our own selves to allow those changes to manifest.

I have… Continue

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It is the eve of Thanksgiving and I just found out that two people who are connected to people I love have cancer. One of them with a cancer that killed my best friend in the world. Colleen Davies. However Colleen died because she didn't want to be here any longer. She was depressed with her life here and truly didn't want to be here any longer. As a healer, I have found that depression/dispair allows the body to become vulnerable to disease in all forms, including your own cells becoming… Continue

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Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton & Steve Bhaerman

Hello again. I just finished reading a book called Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here.

This is a book I highly recommend to read yourself and to give or lend to everyone around you. I felt it call out to me from a bookshelf at Borders a week ago and I have been reading it every moment I could since then. This deals with old stories that all of us tell ourselves about what this world is like, which aren't even accurate stores and how to move on to… Continue

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Hello World and everyone in it.

Good morning to everyone world wide and I hope that love and joy follow in your footsteps today as you journey onward:

I am new to this site and am deeply enjoying meeting people here and seeing their amazing creativity in how they express themselves! I have seen videos, art of all kinds, poetry, writing, music and more. Every time I have logged in I have felt blessed to find a place that manages to excude love and joy in so many ways!

I have never blogged before so this is incredibly… Continue

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