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Our first story from MOROCCO - Omarkhayam

This is exactly what I was getting at when creating the story group!! EVERYONE the world over - stories from everywhere!!!

Omarkhayam wrote a very personal account of his upbringing, his parents' beliefs, the way he grew up. It is very interesting, and very useful to read. He kindly came to the story group and shared the same information that he had put on a blog, and I am glad he did!!

So.....while you are reading this story, don't… Continue

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SMILES NEEDED AND WELCOME on the 15,000 Stories Group

My initial idea behind creating the 15,000 Stories Group was to find out about YOU. By YOU I mean as many nationalities as possible, telling about your life, your experiences, your special people who have inspired you throughout your life.

WHY IS THIS SHARING OF STORIES IMPORTANT - YOU MIGHT ASK? For the mere reason that, (and this I TRULY BELIEVE) the more people know that other people have had similar experiences, similar hopes, similar dreams, needs… Continue

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War creates craziness - an exhibition in Italy Art Genius Madness

WAR - one of the reasons listed for the madness of many of the artists in this extraordinary exhibition in Siena, Italy Arte, Genio, Follie. This unusual exhibition gives a history of the mentally unstable and how they have been treated over the centuries and the MAGNIFICENT art that they have created during their lifetimes, often spent in mental insitutions, or in isolation.

Throughout the exhibition there was much… Continue

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YOU are the protagonist of YOUR story

Every day really is like a little story, with a beginning, middle and end - with the people of our day being the stars of that particular play, and the scenery either changing or remaining the same as the previous day.

BUT the plot is up to us, I suppose. And even if the day might be very similar to the one we just lived the day before, our mood may make the ending come out sweeter than the past day, depending on how we play our part.

We just don't realize how much WE have… Continue

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I'd guess that women change more with age...I think they think about change, feel it, and desire change, to better themselves. Am I wrong, right or somewhere in between? What do YOU think?

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IPeace Saved Me Last Night

Last night I had a bad dream. I dreamt I had no brakes and was going fast. In my dream I remembered what Daton had written in his blog post of 25 random things where he said when he was without brakes to turned the steering wheel hard in one direction and that is what saved him. That is what I did! And it worked!! In my dream!!! And I woke up ok, rather than having an accident in my dream and waking up upset or even worse, HURT! So, after driving with my daughter yesterday… Continue

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Travelling on a train in India.....a story told by Amit of a poor person who didn't want to accept his money. Read and enjoy!

Amit's newest story on the group 15,000 Stories is a true beauty. I assure you it will give you inspiration, as well as teach you about train travel in India. Beautifully written, and with beautiful meaning. Enjoy it and others on the story group page.
And how about writing YOUR story? We would love to read it!

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