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15,000 Stories group.....9 lines that will delight you...from TREE

Want a good laugh tonight, tomorrow or yesterday?

Read Tree's 9 lines on the 15,000 Stories group.....for a real good LAUGH!

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PLEASE don't forget the post about Rashad. He leaves soon for USA and needs our encouragement! Check out the blog post about him.

Thanks!! It is the least we can do and will take you just a minute.

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ONE MINUTE of your time - leave a few words of encouragement for Rashad (Pakistan) who will present his Hope Development Org program to Indiana, USA

PLEASE take a look at the discussion (under forums, or else, under blogs)I made about Rashad and leave some support for him. A kind sentence about him or his work. If you have had any comunication with him, just write about that. It could be very useful for his trip to the USA and for his organization dealing with peace in Pakistan. It will just take a minute of your time. Thanks.

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Rashad, Hope Development Organization in Pakistan - give support on this blogpost for his trip to Indiana, USA

Please write whatever you can to help support Rashad's trip to Indiana regarding his valuable work with Hope Development Organization in his country, Pakistan. People from America can take a look at this blog and see the impact he has had here on iPeace and what his friends feel about him. Whatever relationship you have had, whatever impact he has had on you, write it here. It is the least we can do for him and his valuable work. He is going to Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies,…


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Rajesh Sharma....where is my Indian friend?

Has anyone been friends with Rajesh, the Indian writer on the story group who wrote such lovely things?

Does anyone know where he has gone? I have an email, but am concerned...if you have any details, or know exactly what is name was here on iPeace, (different from Rajesh Sharma) please write me.



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