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Thoughts for the Day 29th Mar 2009

Live in absolute conviction that you are the Atma (spirit). The Atma sees through the eyes, hears through the ears, handles through the fingers and moves through the feet. That is the basic ‘You’. That ‘You’ is not elated by praise or deflated by blame. As long as you are overcome with fear and anxiety, you will not be able to accomplish anything. Be courageous! Know that you are the Atma, not this body; then you will be without fear. God, can help you achieve great things, but only if you base… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 28th Mar 2009

In the quest for mental peace, you should not be concerned only about your own needs. Apart from such a quest being an index of intense selfishness, it is also a futile one. Is it possible for an individual alone to achieve peace? If there is chaos and unrest all around you, how can you alone have peace? Your peace is dependent on peace in the family, in society and in the world. You have to cultivate the feeling that your individual peace is intimately related to the peace of the world. The… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 27th Mar 2009

Happiness and sorrow have to be experienced in the worldly life as they are inevitable like the sunset and sunrise. You think the new year will give better experiences. It is not correct. It is the mind that is responsible for pleasure and pain. If your mind is good, you will find everything good. Without God's Grace, living itself will be impossible for mankind. Even the troubles you may experience are the gifts of the Divine. You are embodiments of the Divine which is nothing but bliss. While… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 26th Mar 2009

Develop faith in God. All names are His - be it Rama, Krishna, Christ, Allah or any other name. Every man is the embodiment of the Divine. True human relations can grow only when this truth is recognised. The first stage of realization is when you recognise "I am in the Light." Next, you realize, "The Light is in me," and finally you realize, "I am the Light." "I" represents love, and light represents Jnana (Supreme Wisdom). When love and light become one, there is Realization.

Bhagawan… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 23rd Mar 2009

Service to God has been described as Bhakti (devotion). The heart of the devotee overflows with love for the Lord through constant remembrance and recitation of His name. Out of this stream of love, devotion emerges. One who is nourished by the nectar of Bhakti will not desire anything. To be unaffected by joy or sorrow, gain or loss, praise or blame, to remain steadfast and unwavering in faith is the hallmark of true devotion. Affection, attachment, desire are natural to man. However, when… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 22nd Mar 2009

God is the basis of everything. He is omnipotent, omniscient and pervades all creation. Who can say that only this is Brahman (God) and that is not. The only eternal, existent entity is Brahman. The rest is all evanescent. Just as without cotton, there can be no cloth, similarly, there can be no world without God. Do not mistake this Deha (physical body) as real. It is the Dehi (indwelling Divinity) that is the true reality. This Divinity is beyond birth and death, the one without any beginning… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 21st Mar 2009

You are all the indestructible Atma, nothing need discourage you. In your dream, you suffer so much due to fire, floods, insult, loss of money, etc. But once you wake up, you are not affected at all. When these events happen during the waking state, you feel afflicted. But let me tell you that from the state of Realization, even the waking state is equally without validity. It is not the real 'you' that suffers all that. Give up the delusion that you are this physical entity and you become… Continue

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PRAYER TO MOTHER by Swamy Sivanandaji

Salutations to the Divine Mother who exists in all beings in the form of intelligence, mercy

and beauty, salutations, O Sweet Mother, the consort of Lord Siva. O Mother Parvati! Thou art

Lakshmi, Thou art Sarasvati. Thou art Kali, Durga and Kundalini Shakti. Thou art in the form of all

objects. Thou art the sole refuge of all. Thou hast enchanted the whole world. The whole universe is

the play of Thy three Gunas. How can I praise Thee? Thy glory is indescribable. Thy… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 20th Mar 2009

The true dwelling place of God is the heart of man. You don’t need to go in search of God. Not being able to recognize your innate divinity is Ajnana (ignorance). You have to enquire into the reason for this ignorance. This is mainly because you follow the Pravritthi Marga (outward path) all your life under the influence of the sense organs, which are drawn towards external objects. You are not making any effort to follow the Nivritthi Marga (inward path). Thus, you are fully engrossed in the… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 18th Mar 2009

The remembrance of God and repetition of His Name is the only means of liberation that is easily accessible to all. People tend to treat the Name of the Lord casually, not realizing its potency. The power of the entire cosmos is contained in it. You must understand the significance of the Name properly and use it in the right way. Bhajan is an effective activity by which Kama (desire) and Krodha (anger) can be kept away.
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Saibaba

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Thoughts for the Day 17th Mar 2009.

You must realize that Bhajans (devotional singing), Namasmarana (chanting God's name) and Pooja (ritualistic worship) are not for pleasing or propitiating God, but for our own spiritual progress. Frequently people flatter the rich and the powerful - especially when they are in their employment or are beholden to them for some precious help - in order to induce them to shower gifts on them. But God does not shower grace on people because they sing His praises. Nor does He come down upon them… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 16th Mar 2007

Character is the true ornament of man. The loss of this ornament is the source of all his suffering and misery. Man does not realize the purpose for which he has been created by God. God’s creation is pregnant with profound truths, mysteries and ideals. But man has forgotten these ideals. He is unable to appreciate the significance of his legacy. Of all the powers in the world, human power is the greatest. Man assigns value to everything in this world, but he is unable to recognize his own… Continue

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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 (Renunciation of Action) Verses 22 to 28

Verse 22:

Yadrascha-labha-samtushto dvandv’atito vimatsarah !

Samah siddhav asiddhau cha kritva’pi na nibadhyate !!

Satisfied with whatever comes without calculations, arising above the contrasting conditions of life, without any competitive spirit, and alike in success and in failure, a man, though working, incurs no sin.

Swamy Tapasyananda

Content with what comes to him without effort, free from the pairs-of-opposites and envy, even-minded in success… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 15th March 2009

When you see a mountain, waterfall or forest, you feel happy. All these proclaim the presence of the Divine. Light shines, the stars twinkle, the sun blazes, the planets revolve in their orbits. All these phenomena are manifestations of the Divine. By understanding the nature of flame, you can understand the nature of fire. By examining a drop of water, you come to know the nature of the Ganges. Likewise by understanding Maanavathvam (the true nature of humanness), you can understand Daivathvam… Continue

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Thoughts for the Day 14th Mar 2009

The Upanishads declare: "Raso vai Sah" (God is the essence). This means that God is present in subtle form everywhere, like sugar in sugarcane and butter in milk. Although it is difficult to have a direct perception of God, His presence can be experienced in many ways. The sweetness in sugar, the sourness in lime fruit, the bitterness of the margosa leaf, all testify to the presence of the Divine.
Bhagavan Sathya Saibaba

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Thoughts for the Day 13 th 2009

Never rejoice when you are praised or get dejected when you are blamed; be a spiritual lion unaffected by both. Be cheerful and smiling under all circumstances. Depression, doubt and conceit are harmful to spiritual aspirants. But when one's devotion is well established, even if these appear, they can be easily discarded.
Bhagavan Sathya Saibaba

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Thoughts for the Day 11th Mar 2009

The real criterion of moral conduct is harmony between one's thoughts, words and deeds. Morality consists in acting up to the rules of right conduct prescribed by society at a particular time and place for an individual or group. Of all human values, three are most important. The foremost is love of God. Where there is love, there is sacrifice. There arises purity of heart. There should be a fusion of love, sacrifice and purity. They are not mere human qualities. They constitute vital organs of… Continue

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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IV (Renunciation of Action) Verses 14 to 21


Na mama karmani limpanti na me karma-phale spreha !

Iti mam yo’bhijanati karmabhir ma sa badhyate !!

Actions do not taint Me, nor have I any desire for the fruits-of-actions. He who knows Me thus is not bound by his actions.

Swamy Chinmayananda

Actions do not affect Me. Nor have I any desire for the fruits of action. Whoever knows Me to be so, is not bound by Karma.

Swamy Tapasyananda

Commentaries by Swamy… Continue

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Thoughts for the day 5th Mar 2009

Only trees grown in fertile soil can yield good fruits. Those which are grown in saline soil will bear only poor quality of fruits. So also, only in the hearts which are pure and unsullied can such holy feelings and virtues like truth, compassion, forbearance, selflessness grow and shine. Like a farmer who toils to cultivate his field, a Bhakta (devotee) must put in efforts to cultivate the Name of the Lord in his heart in order to reap the harvest - the Lord Himself.

Bhagavan Sathya… Continue

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