1) No one but my Family knows that I have a very Green Thumb..I can grow anything I set in the ground..A gift from My Grandparents who were organic earth lovers long before it was fashionable to be..We cured smoked preserved virtually everything..Their homemade Iced Tea Lemonade and Ice Cream recipes are still part of the early Family secrets in my care...shhhh don't say that to loud..

2) I have always had many different pets from dogs cats to iguanas I also once raised purebred Alaskan Malamutes

3) I love to go back home to Alaska in the winter time..My favorite other place to visit It is still my other home..

4) I love all types of Photography..It is one of my many interests

5) I was raised by many family friends in the music business..Music is another of my many interests..I taught myself to play drums keyboards bass saxophone harmonica congas timbales and trombone

6) Things I have learned about myself I can build tear apart tear up or figure out how to drive just about anything

7) A very dear friend who shall remain nameless once bet me I could not read every book in the local library when we were 10 year olds during our summer break..He and I spent six very long weeks but we went everywhere in the world..Without ever leaving the Library..He lost very badly..But was a good sport and a gracious loser..We both were the only 2 kids carrying around a dictionary to quickly lookup and master every nuance of words..

8) I have driven from Alaska to Miami Florida twice..in the Winter and the Spring..I love traveling by auto rv or train

9) A dear friend of mine who is a Bush Pilot in Alaska has flown me into some of the most breath taking places in Alaska perhaps some day I will post some short clips of these videos..From our excursions and adventures..

10) I love Offshore Powerboat Racing and I am event Photographer for two sanctioning bodies during racing season

11) I am a partially retired former TV Producer-Director..This is still an active passion for me..now I just do what I want to enjoy..Love all the new technology

12) The coldest temperature I have ever been working in minus 100 degrees with wind chill factored in..In Alaska..

13) I have always built my own computers..I love to tear things apart..even if I cannot always put them back together..haha

14) I have several friends who are motorcycle aficionados..They build motorcycles from scratch..I photograph them..Perhaps I will post some photos someday

15) I figured out how to drive my Grandfathers car at 3yrs of age with his help..and when he was not paying attention and left me sitting in the car..Pushed the button that cranked it up Since it was a column shift When I stood up and grabbed it and promptly ran it into our house..My dear badly shaken grandmother was really not impressed or amused..My grandfather couldn't stop laughing after they all came running out the house to see what had happened..true story

16) Things that should have killed me..if my angels were not there..Several near misses flying blind in Alaska..
Whiteouts..Blizzards..Avalanches..Erupting volcanoes..Earthquakes..Being in the wrong places during Alaska Spring breakups..and high tides..Several tornadoes..way to many hurricanes..Several of the worst electrical storms known to man..in Florida and Texas..Softball size hail..being in the wild with some of the most beautiful and deadly species on the planet..Photographing and Videographing Alaska's awesome natural wildlife in their native element..

17) Things I do not recommend..Hanging out of Helicopters Flying planes and other assorted high speed moving objects to get certain shots..While depending completely on the tethered hooks straps and harnesses made by people you never met..and hoping silently that they were not hungover, mad at the company or intoxicated the day they made the stuff your life is now so haphazardly dependent on..

18) Hiking on a few glaciers..Slipped and cut my wrist.On the glacier cuts can be very dangerous...For the ice can be very sharp..However without knowing it..The glacier was so cold I did not start bleeding..Until i was back in my vehicle and my body temperature eventually returned to normal..

19) Geez only five more to go..Whats one of the craziest thing I have ever done that I can talk about here..True story..My brother one year older than I was an over the road truck driver..he asked me to accompany him from Miami to Chicago to California..to break in his pride and joy..I drove from Miami to Chicago then from Chicago to Denver..Where he began to drive..Right outside of Denver on I-70 is the Rocky Mountains..It was near dark..I climbed into the sleeper of his custom built Peterbilt fully loaded..and promptly fell asleep..After about 15min or so he began to call my name rather excitedly telling me that I had better wake up..

Half sleep he quietly but very quickly informed me that we had no brakes..and we were running about 80+ mph..Coming down the steepest mountain..We immediately notified the State Police and all the other Truckers via cb radio of our predicament..which was Not a good thing..80,000 lbs of Truck with no brakes running over 80 mph..We only had two options we were quickly informed by everyone listening including many Truckers and the State Police..What our options were..Option #1 they have what is called emergency runaway vehicle ramps which were recently constructed for just such occasions..Soft gravel filled ramps designed to absorb and neutralize a vehicles speed if everything is done just right..Problem #1 was while they were telling this to us we were now passing by option#1 and ramp #1..So option #2 was it..Everyone so graciously informed us..it was do it right or die..

My dear brother bless his heart then with some degree of panic in his voice..Suddenly informed me that he did not think he could do it..With everyone listening on the cb radio..As we began to pickup even more velocity..It dawned on me that we both were very quickly about to die..I for one was not yet ready to go..I told him as calmly as I could..Which I wasn't but he definitely did not need to know this..That we could not change drivers and he was going to have to make a choice..We either were going to live together or we for certain were going to die together..I was looking for this ramp it was night which of course did not help..and it was our last shot as living siblings..When we saw the ramp he turned quickly into it..However we were running so fast that we ran all the way up to the very end at the top..We were both so elated..But my dear brother forgot to turn the wheels and lock them up..

We then began to backup..I had to leap across him to turn the wheels and lock them to keep us from barely falling another 2500 or so feet into the valley below..Amid all the emergency vehicles tow trucks cranes etc.. Someone informed us that we were the only ones at that time to ever survive intact this kind of situation..I did not object to their jubilation..Surprisingly the next morning after realizing that unbelievably there was no damage to the Vehicle or us..I then drove us the rest of the way to California..Well the remaining six shall be simple and mercifully brief..and not nearly as dramatic..

20) I met my wife when she ten years old and I was twelve..She deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for being so tolerant of my insanity..

21) I am a good cook a great listener and a decent friend..And to the entire staff at iPeace..you are all priceless
I cannot name everyone I have met here but you all are my fellow Peace advocates..However one thing I know.. We can and we will make a difference in this world..Thanks David Califa..David Gould..Stephanie Seymour..Ruach and so so many others

22) Geez 4 more to go..Some safe normal Milestone Moments: Performing my first gig as a Live Musician..Producing and Directing my first big event for broadcast TV statewide..Then nationwide..Having my first Photos Published..Promoting My First big event in a nightclub..

23) Having 2 wonderful healthy children I love dearly..One of the most diverse and crazy families on the planet..

24) Still having all my original body parts still working properly..After all the abuse they have been subjected to..

25) and finally..For those who stayed around to get here you do know you need some sort of help right...Sharing some of my thoughts feelings insights writings and Poetry with such a wonderfully diverse group..Of some of the most wonderful people on this planet..Many blessings to you all..I will never do this again David..My Brother..I feel like the girl from the first Exorcist movie..So David and iPeace This Bud Light is for you..!!!!

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Comment by Lisa MacDonald on February 27, 2009 at 3:17am
Wow. I was biting my nails reading #19. Scary!!
Comment by Kurt H. Hoyer on February 26, 2009 at 8:51pm

Very interesting, the need for speed, the photos, the life in the fast lane, Sharing the adventures from Alaska to Florida and having the ability to grow things and build.
Comment by Sandra Reis on February 26, 2009 at 2:54pm
Lovely reading Danton, just like you!!
Big big kiss on your green thumb!!!
Comment by papaed on February 26, 2009 at 5:51am
Truly a life worth sharing. And a wonderful job of sharing it. You've shown some pretty amazing machines as well as some pretty amazing places. Thank you Daton.
Comment by Maryanne on February 26, 2009 at 4:10am
What you live and experience...we all live and experience and what we all live and experience...you live and experience on some level........Geesh! I can't wait to live and experience some of that life!!! Keep shining, Daton.
Comment by Ana on February 26, 2009 at 2:39am
It has been like watching a movie. Some of the photos are really nice and the images are incredible. I feel very grateful for your sharing some experiences and moments of your life with us.
Go on being happy, please!!!
Big hug,
Comment by David Gould on February 26, 2009 at 2:20am
Wow Daton, was that all 25 now...I was on the edge of my seat as you went down the mountain in a brakeless rig, worried for you about the attitude of the guy that made the harness, envious of those bikes and as to those power babies...well Daton anytime you fancy taking it easy just say the word and we will swop for a day...any more would exhaust an old guy like me...

And after all that you like cooking and growing stuff...you're one great package deal.

Now you wonder why the angels have preserved you? No contest there my friend...the work you do on here is great and your part of the better world we are creating is assured. And I just love the way you write even if i have to break every rule of syntax to say it...but more than that I know from what is said here, ipeace people love you and what you stand for...next time you are up in that little plane over Alaska..stray a little and fly over to Scotland...how are you on short lawn landings...after the second ramp its a doddle.
Comment by Wanda Wilson on February 26, 2009 at 2:01am
You're quite the talent! Thanks for sharing! :)
Comment by bridget orman on February 26, 2009 at 1:49am
brilliant pictures your life looks great and fulfilling blessings dear brother take care keep safe
Comment by Clicia Pavan on February 26, 2009 at 1:35am

Poet your spirit is free as a condor God bless
Much peace and love in your life
You sleep watching the stars and making verses that are spread in the universe

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