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Talk to your babies as soon as you can!
Don't worry about whether or not they understand!

Teach them about their anatomy,
And what parts are called, that no one can see.

Teach them that their bodies are their own!
And on them, no one's hands have the right to roam!

Tell them about good touches verses bad!
Do not wait! Then later wish that you had!

Early communication is a crucial tip!
Vital for a good parent/child relationship!

Let them know that it is always wrong!
Whether it's a child, or a person who is grown!

Teach them, that there is a time and place to scream and yell!
And to you, they must always come and tell!

These simple lessons can mean so much!
When you teach your babies how to say,


By Antoinette Denise Johnson
Excerpt From My Poetry Collection
New Release 2009

All Rights Reserved

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Comment by Antoinette Denise Johnson on April 7, 2009 at 9:03pm
Thank you again for reading my poetry, and receiving the message! I appreciate you!~
Peace & Blessings!~Antoinette

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