It is amazing.
Eva, it is amazing.
Where to place everything I get unto my precious mind now.
A Cosmic mind is all what is needed to make good things.
Where to post everything?
I was speaking to Julia Danilenko about cell memory.
Now imagine I will be in love with you and we hug and kiss each other in our mouths.
There is a lot of informations transmited chemically.I am just saying it, i don't even know you, why to say it.
But imagine Rita Withers (is the name written correctly) had made love to someone and this someone left a cell memory for dying soon, in her.
They call it cellular memory, and there is a chemical comonent on this story.
It is nearly 12 oclock night now, I see I am a bit tired.
But if this "dying soon" memory on the RNA side of cells will be there, it can be got by somone else who acts like a medium for transport.
If the medium discards this energy - or memory, cellular memory, Rita will be healed, the guy from the past will be healed and all OK.
The medium, intact.
If this medium will not be able to get rid of the energetic field he gets whilst in contact with Rita Withers, he dies soon.
Sound stupid? Silly, maybe. But that's how it is. Rita, do you agree on that one?

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