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Choose your battles

When we attain a certain level of maturity, it becomes easier to see the dynamics of human clashes or battles which we perhaps never noticed before. As a result, we learn to choose our battles rather than get involved in every conflict presented. In choosing our battles, we will also have a much quicker recovery time of letting things go and we are better able to respond or retract when necessary. Being immature, we usually only respond.

When there is some sort of confusion or…


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The Purpose Of Our Being (In Our Space part 1)

("Tibetan Sand Mandala" by Mary Mueller)

The central theme of « In Our Space » is the idea of building, of perhaps finding or reaching, a space where one is free to simply be themselves and do as they feel they…


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Do We Need to Feel Pain to Know Love? Can We Love Without Feeling Pain?

( this vid may be to loud for some people, so you might wish to turn volume down)

This is a question I think so many of us have asked. Yes, when we open

our hearts to Love others, we are risking having it crushed. Love is NOT

just shiny words,it is the most important emotion we have.

Is Loving worth risking being hurt? I for one truly believe absolutely -Yes!

So what are your thoughts? Do you think we as Humans can feel…


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Love It

How about loving what you do?

"No, I can't. I just told somebody off out

of emotional upset."

Great. Love it.

"I can't love it."

Forget it.

"I can't forget it."

Go back and apologize.

"Well, that means I have to be

accountable for it."

Yes, that's the other way.

"Okay, I'll forget it."

Forgiveness: The Key to the Kingdom

John Roger.

*I forgive myself… Continue

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Angel Wisdom by Sharon Taphorn


"You now have the opportunity to write the script, What do you desire?"

Now is the time to decide what you really want to manifest in your life, using your determination to manifest results in the physical world. You need to take control, grab those reins and move forward - and be sure you are heading in the… Continue

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Journey to the Earth and the Higher Self

Image - The Golden Eagle

A Journey to the Earth and the Higher Self

This is a story about a visualisation journey I took recently, through my minds eye, that lead me to making some amazing and wonderful observations. Its all about visualisation, something am very natural at because of my scientific background, but had never really… Continue

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Celtic Shamanism


What is Shamanism?

Quoted from Dermot O'Hare's Site, The Celtic Shaman: "The word Shaman comes from a Siberian tribal language describing a man or a woman who is able to enter into altered states…


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Angel Wisdom by Sharon Taphorn


"As you focus on the joy and abundance that already exists in your life, more will come your way"

As you practice gratitude a windfall of new abundance comes your way. So, spend time each day focused on the joy that is already around you, how rich you truly are, how loved you are,… Continue

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Para-Tan Sound Healing teacher Training and Healing Circle Certificate program

Tried of being on medication, find a new way of life free from medication.

The teaching of Para-Tan and sound healing offered during the training will help free yourself from living a medicated life.…


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Listening to nature..


Listening to nature, seeing beneath each layer and just being with it. I am with peace, and always love and forgive through actions. Just like nature does naturally. Blessed be to all who see through the layers of each moment while…


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Does David exist....or is he just something we are imagining?


David does not exist, maybe.

Maybe this site is just being run by a computer, and featured guests get chosen by who is on line more often.

And nobody really sees what is happening here except for us.

Maybe David just packed up his bags and took off for somewhere far away.....like China, or somewhere in Africa, or maybe to the moon!

Maybe David is hitchiking around, grew a long beard, wears dark glasses...nobody knows him now! He can go far and…


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Flashback (Lifeforce part 2)

("In Search Of Lost Time" by bogenfreund)

« Lifeforce » is the story of a personal catastrophe, an individual end of the world, beginning from a state of inspiration and hyperactivity, through doubt,…


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Angel Wisdom by Sharon Taphorn


"You are guided to freely express and be true to your thoughts and feelings."

See the beauty within your current experience and know that it is time to fulfill that which is in your heart and your passion. There is a longing within each soul who is not expressing themselves in their highest light. There is an… Continue

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Hello Sunshine

The sun is the light of our lives. It is the sustenance of life, the mirror of our joy, the source of the light that we are inhabited by.

When the sun is shining our spirits are lifted, exalted by seeing the light. When the sun hides its face, our hearts are exhausted. We need, we feed on the light.

Today give thanks for the sun, the life, the joy, the power, the source, the eye of God beholding us, in whose light we shine.…


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We are all… Continue

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double vitesse ou deux faces de la justice internationale????????????

tout le monde domande la tete de omar elbachir alors que on garde la silence total envers les crimes commises par les israeliens,envers les americains et leur guerre basée sur les mensenges contre le peuple d'iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A view from the black side

Since writing my blogs, although I’ve written over 40 articles, the ones which get the most comments have had class or race as subjects. These comments come from around the world, so I can assume that people from foreign lands are interested in the social situation in the U.S., particularly from the perspective of a black person. Therefore, I offer this as speaking from my heart…


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Lessons make life a wonderful experience

When I wake up every morning, and I’m grateful for that blessing, I know that this is a day I have been given to create, or be or do something different. It is with that freshness of anticipation that I love to begin my day. Although there may have come up issues I had to address yesterday, or there may be things which have lingered around for quite awhile, each morn brings a chance to learn a new lesson; something exceptional. And that possibility is what makes living life a wonderful…


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2012 Circumpoloar Rainbow Bridge by José Arguelles Parts 1& 2

Visualize yourself inside the Earth’s octahedron crystal core (with two red and white sides on top, and two blue and yellow sides below). In the center of this core is an intensely blazing point of white light. An etheric column extends North and South from the blazing center to the tips of the…


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BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 4, 2010

Welcome to the 7th launch of BlogBlast For Peace aka Dona Nobis Pacem in the Blogosphere. It's inception began in 2006 with one single post and a cry for peace in our world.

A small group of bloggers answered that challenge and it began to spread across the internet in ways that humble me still. It reaches across political lines and religious creeds, abides in corners of unrest and places of hope, gives voice to individual beliefs and… Continue

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