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Writing beautiful stories for the first time in his life: RAJESH from India

It's one of those friendships that happens here on iPeace: a feeling, a warmth, a kind friend who gives so much of himself.

And the surprise is that Rajesh from India told me he had never written stories before! Look at his latest....

" This Tree has been standing there even before I was has faced all the adverse conditions of atmosphere (life)...has had all type of leaves, some with disease, some having disputes with… Continue

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Imagine....a leaflet, dropped out of planes all over the world with the writing "End of the World in 24 Hours: Do What Means the Most to You".

Would all violent people continue doing their violent acts OR ...... would those same people, same groups who had been accustomed to only violence, finally make their last phonecalls to say that they loved people or appreciated someone in their life; would they finally take their last look at the sky, listen to music, make music or dance or… Continue

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Guilty of a Good Life

Food, friends, a comfortable home, travel, peace, time for recreation. I feel guilty that I have had basically an easy life. This does not mean, however, that I have not had difficulty times, or sad occurances, that is part of life, and of mine as well. But the world is too full of misery and suffering to not feel guilty for having all the good things that surround me and my family.

At times I think "rather than go on a trip (often to visit my parents) couldn't I SHOULDN'T I give… Continue

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Strength of the Weak

Nature teaches us how even those who seem fragile and delicate can come shining through,
even through difficulty.

Photo taken during a walk in Perugia, Italy just this morning

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What are the qualities that your nation offers to the rest of the world?

What do you feel YOUR country, your nation holds as special, something that your people offer to the world?
I don't like generalizations, but feel that each nation probably has something truly personal that they offer. Perhaps Italians offer traditional beauty in their art and history, as well as (often) their flamboyant personalities and expressiveness? Americans, is their "something special" their positive and young attitude and openess to new things? And YOUR country?

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Twenty 5 Things About ME

1. I have never been a group person but think the world of iPeace!

2. I love wind (in this picture maybe it's a bit too much)

3. I've had two photography shows and will be having others....actually I am not even a photographer, that's the ironic part!

4. I play piano by ear and a little… Continue

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Lots more love on this Valentine's Day - due to the existence of iPeace

Happy Valentine's Day
to a wonderful BIG group of worldwide people!!!

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A Valentine's Day message to our wonderful, glorious, marvelous, UNIQUE, iPeace!

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RAJESH - overcoming his fear of writing in English

RAJESH, from India, has been a constant contributor of marvelous stories on the 15,000 Stories group, and his presence is appreciated by all, I am sure. In the beginning he only sent in traditional stories about his country, but with a little help and motivation, he began writing about his personal life, about his father, his son, his prayers, and just recently about blind children in a school - a very touching and sensitive account that will surprise you all.

I am so proud of… Continue

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It's hard to take a stand sometimes. To say "I believe in THIS". I DON'T believe in THAT". It means sticking up for something, and having the facts to back it up and not being afraid of criticism. It means you believe in yourself enough to not lose sleepless nights if one or many turn against you saying, "What you believe is totally wrong."

If you don't chose sides, does that mean that your opinion isn't worth much or that you see both sides as possibilities?

I… Continue

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Crime in Italian town: from "just about zero" to daily occurence

I live in a city with 160,000 people, a medieval hilltown in Italy. The crime rate used to be, as a professor here once said "Just about zero", and it was true. Now local crimes are drug and alcohol related, killings, robbery, hit and run drivers,rape, prostitution, knivings. Every single day someone is murdered in Italy, and our little town has become one of the top meeting places for drug dealings.

For me, growing up in California, any… Continue

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Are we how we are due to what we learned from our parents?

I just wrote a little observation in the story group about how I was as a young girl. Does it hold true with each and every adult that we are as we are due to what we learned at a young age? How much of our character really was formed from our very eary years? Would some of this hold true even now, when looking at world events and trying to understand our enormous differences between people of different nations??

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