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Being the Essence of The 5th Dimension ~ Valuing Your Vibration

Seven Hearts by Jim Warren

Last week we talked about the ascension process. We learned to raise our vibration by choosing 5D responses over the automatic pre-conditioned reactions we typically have for 3D dilemmas. We came to understand we ARE powerful enough to create our own reality. This week we'll talk… Continue

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Journey Through The Dimensions ~ Ascending Through to 5D

Before we begin discussing this week's topic, we'd like to start with a cautionary note to all those who listened two weeks ago to our "5D Activations -The Easy Way" show. We've had people share their illuminating stories with us in regards to the downloads they've received and the wonderful experiences they've had while gazing at the sun. We'd like to provide some guidelines from… Continue

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The "I AM” ~ Freedom In 5th Dimensional Consciousness

As lightworkers we have an innate desire to want to heal others. To do this, we need to first go within ourselves and accept the “I AM” Consciousness. It starts within us. The "I AM" must come before the We. The "I AM" is the connection to source. To be associated into your own personal "I AM" space allows you to experience your own divinity. You move beyond the veil when you emotionally embrace the totality of the words you are speaking when you… Continue

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Activations and Upgrades - The 5th Dimensional Way

Last week we talked about utilizing the potent energies of March to enhance your 5th dimensional creative experience. This week we are blessed with a full moon in Virgo in opposition to the Pisces sun. Although 3rd dimensionally, you may have found yourself challenged, you will become aware of where you are in your… Continue

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The Power of The March Equinox and 5D Activations for Co-Creation

Daylight savings time begins March 8th, followed by the Spring Equinox on March 20th. It is the perfect time to say yes to embracing life to its fullest, as everything is doable during this time. The incredible power of this new vibration enables us to release the past where everything was hard to form and even harder to complete. This new activation allows past belief structures to fall away and allows us to step into trust and… Continue

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