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I am in Spain for a few days, BUT

when you heart is in something, as mine is, I don't just have a vacation here, but also think about the 15, 000 Stories group that I created months ago - just like having a family and being concerned that everyone is happy and ok when one is away. is a picture I took at a festivity yesterday - the men give a rose to their loved one, the women give a book to the men. And being a story group here, now that I… Continue

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Speaking from the heart

The idea of the story group was to share our personal stories. THIS in order to know each other better.

Whoever has been following us, I think has been impressed with the diversity - of people on earth, their similarities and their differences.

If you like the idea, if you believe in the idea as we writers of the group do, then consider contributing.

Simple as that.

I am going away for a few days to Spain,… Continue

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Stephanie is going to Spain today

First time I will be away from the group ever since it started months ago. First time I won't dedicate minimum an hour to writing, organizing the page, commenting, helping with foreigner's writings, adding photos, corresponding.

I ask myself "while "mommy" is away (I am sort of the mom of the group, having created it) will the children play?

I'll be back in 5 days but in the meantime....will the stories continue....?

the answer… Continue

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If you enjoy Tree Thunderchild, read this important writing

If you have loved reading Tree Thunderchild's stories on 15,000 Stories, please read what he has to say on the page now, entitled MysterTree.
It is part story, but mostly talks about himself. Take my word for it, if you are his friend, see what he has to say. Like always, he reveals things inside of himself and generously shares with us. In this writing, he tells even more...............a lot more.

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Do You Save the Best for Last??

Growing up in America I saved the best for last.

If I had a bag of candies, I saved the very best one to eat last. But in the meantime I would eat all the "not-so-good ones" quickly, to get to the best one!

Did you do that as a child, and what country did you grow up in? Come share your story with us, about saving the best for last, OR about anything else.

Let's get to know YOU - through your… Continue

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Just who IS out THERE?

Waiting for YOUR story - be a part of

15,000 Stories

On this quiet (deadly quiet! Frightfully quiet! Spooky, strange, odd silence...) place called the WEB....I wonder who IS out there?! Who is reading? Who is peeking and seeing what stories are new, which are on the older pages, who is wondering what I am wondering....Where IS… Continue

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Earthquake in Italy - only the beginning

An earthquake is just the beginning of the real problem at hand - dealing with the victims, the reconstruction, the lives that must start anew.

Following the news in Italy shows just how vast the problem reaches, with every so often a story that warms your heart: a dog found after 8 days, reunited with happy owners, or trains stopped in the station to give a warm "home" to many who were left without.

Read some of the things written in the Italian paper and on television and a few… Continue

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Easter in Aquila after the Earthquake

Some heartwarming stories of Easter day at Aquila, Italy - volunteers, and generosity.
Living in Italy daily news tells us about the earthquake, the people, the victims, but Easter day offered some reasons for smiles, some very needed smiles.

Read the story on 15,000 Stories, link above.

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SHARE your Easter stories with the world.Come to the 15,000 Stories group (link above) and share. How did YOU celebrate it as a child? Or even last year! The important thing is to know each other better......through our stories!

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Does anybody care about YOUR story? Please join us and tell us any story about yourself that inspired you and made you smile. It would be very interesting for us to read about YOUR story. The more countries that partecipate, the better!!


Fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea and just click on over to the 15,000 Stories group. There are some great stories here. Don't take… Continue

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What do YOU have to TEACH others?

The thing I like to teach others the most is to accept people who are different from us. I have learned that over lifetime experiences of meeting foreigners, and being a foreigner in Italy.
Come share YOUR story of what YOU have to teach others!! Just a few would be VERY INTERESTING to hear from different countries, that's the whole idea of this group!

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Anyone ever tell you "You're different, unusual, odd, peculiar, original, not like everyone else!" Share your feelings with 15,000 Stories!

Ever been told "You are odd! You're strange, funny, weird, so different from everyone else!" Are you?

How IS everyone else then?

Come read some thoughts on this line and SHARE YOURS WITH US!!

Remember to give your story a name

and write which country you come from (or where the story took place)

We will get to know each other this way....

(ps don't feel funny about being's… Continue

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15,000 STORIES - why, where, who, and YOU

The 15,000 Stories group was created during the Gaza war when the tension here was really built up and people needed a place to share their personal stories and have a place to relax. And not only for THIS! It was and is a place to share stories from all over the world....and a place to be able to learn about each and every one of us here on iPeace. People started to show up, leave stories, have a virtual cup of tea or coffee. There are stories from India, U.S.A., Morocco, Canada,… Continue

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Thank you from Italy

To those of you who so kindly asked if I and my family were ok here in Italy I want to say thank you for your kind words and attention. We are fine, in our town some felt the quake but not all. People who live on higher floors have felt the quake I have been told.

I had visited the city of Aquila (115 km from Perugia, the town I am in and 95 km from Rome) many years ago and stayed in a hotel that has been completely destroyed in the earthquake. We saw the news today and it was devastating,… Continue

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COMPUTERIZED FOOD - a real story!

Ever since joining iPeace many months ago and starting the 15,000 Stories group, this is what has happened to the food I prepare in my Italian home....couldn't resist sharing it with you.

Computerized food

In my Italian kitchen

Ever since joining iPeace, and even more, starting the group 15,000 Stories, I have been eating computerized food.

The food I prepare becomes computerized automatically! Here I give you the recipes that I have discovered. Just… Continue

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Where are Iran, France, Russia, Greece, New Zealand?

These are the countries still missing from the 15,000 Stories group! ( We recently got a lovely story from Poland, and a while back from Spain, also from Morocco, India, Australia, U.S.A., but we still need YOU! EVERYBODY'S story is important. Every country is welcome. And not only, the more we share, the more we know about everyone. And THAT my friends, is a mighty powerful tool in understanding each other,… Continue

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" word should be uttered in the presence of my father...." Morocco, Omarkhayam

If you haven't yet visited the group of stories, start with these two DIFFERENT styles of writing for an exciting way to begin your day, or something to dream about.......



"When i was a child... no elecricity no tv , we got light from candles, i made my studies by these candles. gloomy house,my father who came tired after a long day in the fields,lie near my… Continue

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