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RASHAD from Pakistan reaches out for help


Dear Stephanie,

Thanks for reply. Yes I know life is very easy there and in many countries. Our life is more worse then you hear in news. I send 100’s of requests to ipeace..... (three) friends send us little support which helps us little that time but we never get any proper funding on annual of monthly basses. We are sending requests to big Churches and organizations from 11 years… Continue

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Do you have intuition? Is it more a woman thing than a man thing?

I've started a discussion about it on the group

I think it's interesting, sort of like the idea I had about the gift giving....I thought "Hey, this is not for me..." and at present it seems to be creating quite a stir here!!

What are your thoughts? Does your intuition tell you "Go for it!" or… Continue

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Another BURNT DINNER blog

Take a look won't you at what I just did to upgrade 15,000 Stories!

I made two new discussion groups:

Friends and what they mean to you

Travel tales - outside your town, state, country

THAT WAY (if my limited computer knowledge is correct) YOUR story will stay fresher longer! The expiration date will be longer, and more people can enjoy your story… Continue

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if uyo wnat teh grupo ot cnotineu, coem wirte a sotry!!

(talking about the story group.....I'll do anything to get you to write YOUR story!)
15,000 Stories

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Being a woman who speaks her mind, and people who are quiet

I have ALWAYS spoken up!! I sometimes do so thinking "I shouldn't" but then WHAMO comes out, totally me, totally open, totally BAM POW WHAM-O!!!

I try to hold it in (sometimes) I try to be quiet (often) I TRY to not say something ....but something in me tells it all. I am relieved, I express myself, and the other person knows what I am thinking. It is me. Take it or leave it.

Sort of.

Sometimes I say too much, but as I see it, I see people saying too little.

and there… Continue

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