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I am an OSHO sannyasin, I love the master which is mine, and he died of poisoning, actually he left the body but he is here, totaly alive. I have never seen him in from of me, live. I had no money to go to Poona, India. Only one year after his departure from the body...

He says a lot of thing... 650 books, if not more, and many translated in many many languages. I love him and His Vision of life.

But he wants me NOT to be a parrot repeating words, his words or anybodyzs… Continue

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Where could I edit it ALL???

It is amazing.

Eva, it is amazing.

Where to place everything I get unto my precious mind now.

A Cosmic mind is all what is needed to make good things.

Where to post everything?

I was speaking to Julia Danilenko about cell memory.

Now imagine I will be in love with you and we hug and kiss each other in our mouths.

There is a lot of informations transmited chemically.I am just saying it, i don't even know you, why to say it.

But imagine Rita Withers (is the… Continue

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TIME FOR HEALING CHEMIACALLY 2 written for Healing International.

The name of our beloved friend here is Julia Danilenko.

She lost a nice human being recently.

My heart is full of gratitude for she exposing herself telling a story full of my intuition called POIGNANCY.

And it triggered me to speak on something - i remind the video THE WOUNDED HEALER did you see it? -

that was afflicting me the most, the lost of my relation in sensuous terms, sexual terms... with someone...

I was wondering WHY to suffer like the =hell= for another, and… Continue

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TIME FOR HEALING CHEMICALLY 1- written to healing International

I will forgive my English mistakes.

I was talking to Julia Korovitchenko, in fact this is not the correct name. But... what's in a name.

I was talking to sweet Julia here in HINT, I sweetly call Healing International, HINT, and I will give you some HINTs.

On something very unusual.

I was telling Julia that if you have sex with someone, and you exchange fluids, as to say, you kiss each other in the mouth, for instance, hte saliva has a lot of chemstry and informations. it… Continue

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