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Does David exist....or is he just something we are imagining?


David does not exist, maybe.

Maybe this site is just being run by a computer, and featured guests get chosen by who is on line more often.

And nobody really sees what is happening here except for us.

Maybe David just packed up his bags and took off for somewhere far China, or somewhere in Africa, or maybe to the moon!

Maybe David is hitchiking around, grew a long beard, wears dark glasses...nobody knows him now! He can go far and…


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David how are you, where are you, who are you?

Dear David

long time no hear, see, write....

where are you???

We need are our leader....

hard to follow when the leader isn't around!

Can't you see we need some guidance?

We children need security!!

We need direction, that is for sure!

We all need something here, for some it is enough to write little love notes and post pretty pictures, some have huge huge problems intheir countries, is there nothing that ipeace can do to…


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Who works to better something, who leaves

Said it before, but will say it again.

There was a lot of activity to get this site up and running again. It is now here, though not that many are active.

There are reasons for everything, and who has been on this site for a long time, may have their own conclusions about why things are as they are.

Someone had tried, with much expertise, to suggest some very valuable clues in how to better this site. They got very few responses. The page filled up with hearts and…


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What a shame about Ayla

It's a shame

All the energy that Ayla gave lately to this site.

She dropped out.

She had written lots of great ideas to getting this site really moving in the direction of peace.

Kindly, she had stated that to her, peace was a matter of politics and not just flowers and peace signs.

She had given a lot of positive, realistic suggestions, from much online experience.

Why did she drop out, and why aren't others here who used to give so much?



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A bagel for David

A bagel without some cream cheese, lox, tomato, sort of sad : (

Remember, old iPeacers when we would look at the carousel up above and see about twenty or more people going around and around? Sometimes we would end up rubbing shoulders with someone from England and someone from India. A girl felt sort of special with all these "guys" right next to her rubbing virtual shoulders with the world's people.

NOW we find ourselves together with just two other people, and…


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David - we need community spirit!

Good morning David, on this side of the world.

Paul's message on My Peace is logical and talks about needing to get community spirit back.

That can only be initiated by you, David. On homepage.

You and I both know that people have worked behind the scenes here to keep this place alive, by writing to you, by writing to one another trying to find a way.

This place now is like a pretty painted shell, but it should be a pulsating shell, warmed by all and especially you, to once… Continue

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IPeace will be open for another year - David's mail on July 5th

This is what David sent me on my page July 5th.

David Califa

I decided to leave it open for another year

From David Califa…


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