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ONE MINUTE of your time - leave a few words of encouragement for Rashad (Pakistan) who will present his Hope Development Org program to Indiana, USA

PLEASE take a look at the discussion (under forums, or else, under blogs)I made about Rashad and leave some support for him. A kind sentence about him or his work. If you have had any comunication with him, just write about that. It could be very useful for his trip to the USA and for his organization dealing with peace in Pakistan. It will just take a minute of your time. Thanks.

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Rashad, Hope Development Organization in Pakistan - give support on this blogpost for his trip to Indiana, USA

Please write whatever you can to help support Rashad's trip to Indiana regarding his valuable work with Hope Development Organization in his country, Pakistan. People from America can take a look at this blog and see the impact he has had here on iPeace and what his friends feel about him. Whatever relationship you have had, whatever impact he has had on you, write it here. It is the least we can do for him and his valuable work. He is going to Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies,…


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Rajesh Sharma....where is my Indian friend?

Has anyone been friends with Rajesh, the Indian writer on the story group who wrote such lovely things?

Does anyone know where he has gone? I have an email, but am concerned...if you have any details, or know exactly what is name was here on iPeace, (different from Rajesh Sharma) please write me.



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Sometimes I think of Myron, with every breath I take!

If you want someone to think of you, remind them to breath deeply. Remind them to relax by breathing slowly and breathing deeply. This is what Myron reminded me to do when I told him a long time ago, that I was feeling tense. He told me the importance of breathing deeply and relaxed. And now, when I go for a walk and breath deeply I automatically think of Myron.

There is no easier way to remember a person than a person who has talked about how to breathe -…


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International day against cancer

My friend Luciana in Italy just put this on Facebook:

Today is the International Day Against Cancer...In memory of who has lost this battle, and for all those who are continuously fighting against it and hope to win the battle. I hope that a cure is found for this illness. 92% of you won't copy and paste this, will you? Let's be proud to be part of the 8% who does.

Oggi è la giornata internazionale contro il cancro...In memoria di chi ha perso…


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A BLOG POST AND A POSSIBLE REASON....for what happened last week

Several days ago I discovered a blog post written on Jan. 23 (group My Peace, page n.4 ) that David had posted on the group he created.

I had been thinking, along with thousands of others, was there a reason that David closed down iPeace for a day? I thought, "Where can I find a clue about what motivated him to do so, maybe on the group he started?

In the blogpost David talks about the donations (very few) to Haiti. Take a look at it. It just may be the "reason" for… Continue

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People are.....

1. Busy

2. Reading but not responding

3. Overwhelmed with too many blogs, comments, this, that...the WORKS!

4. Trying to stay out of things

5. Afraid

6. Polite (!?)

7. Poor conversationalists

8. Fed up with too much chattering, writing, responding

9. Not wanting to get involved

10. Sort of apathetic to everything

BUT, I believe....I think people ARE reading, thinking, contemplating....but just not responding.

I write this with a… Continue

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This moment on iPeace reminds me of our unity during the beginning of the war in Gaza

For those "older" members of iPeace, doesn't this moment here remind you of how we were as a group during the beginning of the war in Gaza ? We were so united. We helped each other. We tried to keep our morale up. AND we tried to keep David's morale up, he in Israel, he having an enormous "chore" to keep about 15,000 people happy and going strong.

Now we are feeling something that is uniting us once again in a deep feeling....we are terribly concerned about this… Continue

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Let's discuss the comunication problem here -- check out A Blog Post with no Title

Lots of "hush hush" going on here
Get with it! Check out A Blog Post with no Title
Let's talk about the problem of comunication!

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A blog post with no title

Hard to comunicate when only one side does. It gets totally out of perspective! Rumors start, imaginations get going...wildly! People come to conclusions, people come to assume things that aren't true.

I have had SO MUCH of this in my last many years of life....For work I needed to comunicate with someone and imagined that YES I was doing the job and then NO I wasn't...and all this back and forth thinking, worrying, planning in two separate directions, one for yes and the other for… Continue

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Time for apologies, time for understanding

It might just be the right time to say "I'm sorry". I think more than a few people, including myself, expressed themselves in a way that could have been a little softer, more polite, filled with more compassion. We "got at" the fact that iPeace was closed for a day, when actually, it may have just been an urgent and easy way to take a breath with all the changes that have gone on here lately, and to have a well-needed pause. One cannot say that doing so didn't cause quite an eye-opener for many… Continue

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How DO people deal with problems?

How do people deal with problems? In ALL different ways! Technical problems are solved, but it's the emotional problem that isn't easy to find "the simple way" to solve. Those involving people are the difficult ones to approach and resolve. If someone is used to getting things out in the open, and finds others keeping things in, THIS in itself is a problem.

I can't understand why someone else doesn't open up, and that person doesn't… Continue

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iPeace is changing....WHO will lead us now?

I just read that Renee is leaving her position as site editor and I am sorry.

Last week I heard that Gordon too is no longer in his position, though still a member of iPeace.

I ask - is it possible that a group such as iPeace slowly has no named leaders, editors, people we know are there in case of needing someone to talk to, complain to, discuss with?

For sure, things are happening without us knowing everything, for sure there are problems that, if we knew what they really were,… Continue

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Siena, Italy New Year's Eve

New Year's eve in Siena's magnificent plaza, Piazza del Campo. Here are a group of lively young people anxious to be photographed making the peace sign.

The projected moving images were gigantic cars moving, people's faces, graphic designs, all moving to the sound of modern music, blaring into the ears of thousands of people, completely covering the piazza.

A couple photos of the 360° view of the… Continue

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From Italy to California, USA

Going back. To where I cam from. To the sunshine, the earthquakes, the crime and coffee shops. To the huge streets, shopping malls, good music systems in stores, palm trees. To old friends, relatives, sales, long straight streets, quiet cars.

It's my old town. But not really. It never felt just right.

I don't know. I don't really belong - not there, nor here.

When you have been in a… Continue

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RASHAD from Pakistan reaches out for help


Dear Stephanie,

Thanks for reply. Yes I know life is very easy there and in many countries. Our life is more worse then you hear in news. I send 100’s of requests to ipeace..... (three) friends send us little support which helps us little that time but we never get any proper funding on annual of monthly basses. We are sending requests to big Churches and organizations from 11 years… Continue

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Do you have intuition? Is it more a woman thing than a man thing?

I've started a discussion about it on the group

I think it's interesting, sort of like the idea I had about the gift giving....I thought "Hey, this is not for me..." and at present it seems to be creating quite a stir here!!

What are your thoughts? Does your intuition tell you "Go for it!" or… Continue

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Another BURNT DINNER blog

Take a look won't you at what I just did to upgrade 15,000 Stories!

I made two new discussion groups:

Friends and what they mean to you

Travel tales - outside your town, state, country

THAT WAY (if my limited computer knowledge is correct) YOUR story will stay fresher longer! The expiration date will be longer, and more people can enjoy your story… Continue

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if uyo wnat teh grupo ot cnotineu, coem wirte a sotry!!

(talking about the story group.....I'll do anything to get you to write YOUR story!)
15,000 Stories

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Being a woman who speaks her mind, and people who are quiet

I have ALWAYS spoken up!! I sometimes do so thinking "I shouldn't" but then WHAMO comes out, totally me, totally open, totally BAM POW WHAM-O!!!

I try to hold it in (sometimes) I try to be quiet (often) I TRY to not say something ....but something in me tells it all. I am relieved, I express myself, and the other person knows what I am thinking. It is me. Take it or leave it.

Sort of.

Sometimes I say too much, but as I see it, I see people saying too little.

and there… Continue

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