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Inside the Channel of Trust

I just got this idea -- reading something from Louise, and her comment.

I am feeling that there is some power in this -- it's really kind of magical -- if this could be....

But the idea I suddenly got -- has to do with how it feels

when we are "inside the forcefield of connection and love" -- and what happens when we step outside of it...

So, the thought is -- this iPeace space -- and maybe other places we link to, while remaining in wholeness… Continue

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Treasure Box

It just feels great -- bumping around this place. Of course, I do feel honored and excited -- to see my simple little message radiating out there in that special place. I got an email about it, too. Somebody is getting things very well-organized.

And it's fun to see my friends showing up here. I am starting to see familiar faces in that scrolling review at the top of that page. That's really a great feature. I just sit there, like somebody at a sidewalk café in Barcelona, watching… Continue

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Working Together - Dialogue

Good morning. A little cool in Santa Barbara today -- we're not used to that! But it's warming up, and the sky is clear. That dog across the street is still barking now and then. The birdies on the balcony have had their breakfast...

It was fun showing up here this morning, to discover my blog post on the front page -- right next to the story on the Nobel Prize! That was beautiful. What does the Nobel Prize winner say? "No crisis can't be solved..."

I took a minute to… Continue

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Portal to Unity

Dearly Beloveds...

Greetings from Santa Barbara California USA, Planet Earth....

It's late afternoon here now, the sun is just going down over the mountain, the sky is a soft blue with fine fingers of white clouds...

Today has been another very creative day. There is a kind of power flowing, something is pushing its way through. I keep coming back to this iPeace site, and all the lovely attractions here. Maybe it's that song, Imagine -- is it being sung in… Continue

Added by Bruce Schuman on December 28, 2008 at 2:30am — 41 Comments

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