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Do We Realize How Special This Is?

iPeace - the whole world right here, the possibility to say what you want 24 hours a day, say how you feel, and find out about every country in the world and the thoughts of the people in each one. Incredible. Amazing. We are just plain LUCKY! Do we realize just how special this iPeace is? And....are we taking advantage of this opportunity to the best we can? For our good and for the good of the world? Are we missing doing something that could be of greater importance while we are here… Continue

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Don't Be Afraid of English

Dear all non-English speakers

Please....don't be afraid
of your written English here on iPeace. The place where you can express what you feel, and not be criticized for your English is RIGHT HERE on this website.

In America, many people do NOT speak any other language, only English. So if your first language is Arab, or French, or Portugese, or Turkish, you are working hard to learn other languages, and that is great! If you want to write anything, just DO IT. It… Continue

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A Story -- to go along with your cup of tea

Need something to pick you up with your cup of tea or coffee here at the computer?

Read Rajesh (India) - his latest "EGO" will give you food for thought while inspiring with his perseptive observations about giving and receiving. Rajesh has been active in sending in his stories from India for the 15,000 Stories group and now has written this special personal piece that I find exceptionally valuable.

Tree Thunderchild also has written many wonderful… Continue

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Is this really YOU and am I really Me?

I am speaking to YOU....or am I? Here we are showing our best: no cracked glasses, wrinkles, bags under eyes, soiled shirts, holes in socks. We want to "seem" good-looking, happy, energetic, fascinating, intriguing, confident, sexy. But are you and I that way really? And for what reason do we want to seem these ways? For whose good?

If we showed our real selves would we not make friends here, be accepted, get something… Continue

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Tired out, talked out, thought out

So many words. So much to say. My head, these days is fuller than it has been in ages. Thoughts, pop in and out all day long.... iPeace is often in my mind - the people, Gaza, and all the rest. Sometimes it is just too much to think about - and we all know our limits. I remember getting physically sick from following a war. So into it, it got into ME.

I find it is impossible to free my brain to relax: am I being egotistical to want to do so? I feel, maybe I am. But like I say,… Continue

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Use iPeace for Positive not Negative Energy

What is the use of tearing others down, in life in general? No matter how horrible the situation, one must look to use positive thinking to get out of it. WE ARE SO LUCKY to have iPeace. Let's learn from each other, give to each other and try with all our might to be positive and receptive to at least listening to others, but if they pull you down perhaps let them know that you are looking for PEACE and why don't they too do the same.

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How to make a stranger SMILE

Today, in an hour's time I made three people smile, and actually two of them laughed, and one of those two, blushed

(meaning their face got all red!).

I love to make people smile, and sometimes I work at it to help others, but I think I probably do it because I myself get so much pleasure out of it.

I'll tell you what I did, because honestly, few people make ME laugh, and maybe it's about time to help people in this field.

1. While I was parked at a stoplight a… Continue

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"Change for peace"

IF we can be sure that our donations will arrive to help the people in Gaza

IF everyone on iPeace, almost 15,000 would donate just $1 or possibly $10 or $25, do you know how much money that would make?

I know that in many programs the concern is IF the money will get to where it should be going.

IF we are guaranteed that our money will arrive directly to where it will be a great help… Continue

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We Are All So Different - We Are All The Same

A woman from Ucraine asked why I have so many pictures on my walls, in her home they just have the Madonna; I was asked by am American friend why they don't paint the old buildings in Italy; some Europeans show up to a dinner with wine, cake, as well as perhaps a gift and flowers, while other nationalities show up empty-handed; a Russian guest once drank all the cola in the hotel's refrigerator, thinking he didn't have to pay for it; in China 200 people waited for me (I was the last one) to… Continue

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15,000 STORIES (your personal stories with a SMILE-MAKING ending only)

SMILING I am learning is not that easy after all! I am learning here having this group, it is sort of a condensed society entailing many of the little problems that the real society, and definitely iPeace included, has to deal with everyday.

My intention: create a place where iPeace members can go to to take a breath, read a story that gives them a reason to SMILE


PLEASE in order to… Continue

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A Hug


I was asked to give a hug to a friend here, a grown man. I know what he meant, some support, some friendship, a moment just to escape into feeling ok, a moment to breathe deeply and let go, with tears or laughter.

These little bears might just do the trick.....just colored fabric, stuffing inside, plastic eyes, but somehow, holding onto one of these must make a child feel safe and secure. And an adult too.

I send you, you know who you are (!) a hug… Continue

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"MAGNETIC" - that's iPeace

IPeace is filled these weeks with an emotion-packed array of blogs and essays moving our souls from feeling despair from hurtful truths, to hope, to laughter-filled lightheartedness, and once again to front page headlines that pull us down, and then again to hopeful insights. Extraordinary and sensitive experts, writers, artists, human beings from every angle of the earth find themselves glaring onto screens to find things they didn't think they could ever expect to find, right in the comfort… Continue

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STAND BY ME sung all over the world - don't miss this beautiful and relaxing video

Once again I present this to iPeace members for the relaxing and inspirational effect it has - people from different parts of the world playing the song Stand By Me all together. Enjoy!

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He's only ONE MAN


when you or I write something here, David, the "Father of iPeace", is only ONE man. The opportunity he has given us to meet, discuss, compare, divide, agree, disagree, get together, fall apart, enjoy, smile, cry, worry, right here, meaning all over the globe is a huge gift, perhaps for many, the best thing that has happened to them in years, or ever.

We have to remember, he is only one person, and at times it can be a huge job taking care of all… Continue

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Is a TAKE A BREAK place out of place here?

Does anyone want to have a place to go to on iPeace where you can relate:
4.true life stories that have happened to you with an inspirational ending?
A place (a group, I guess) where you can just relax and smile and get some message out of it that keeps your spirits high? OR is it just out of place considering everything (you know what I mean). If there are enough "yes's" I will start it.

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A Blog about David....

...could be written by a number of us here, but let it be me.My heart livened a beat a moment ago when David quickly got back to a message I had sent him, and I felt "I have been heard and respected". In THESE difficult and harsh days, here I have David helping me, David helping us, while it seems that it should be the other way around .- like I have always said, life can be very ironic. There are not enough good things to say about… Continue

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PEACE around the table on New Year's Eve

Thanks Teresa, Germaine, Giuseppina for partecipating in creating food and proverbs regarding PEACE at my New Year's party. There was a surprising silence as I spoke a moment about iPeace, and one friend read famous people's thoughts about Peace. Hope you enjoy seeing the dishes prepared with peace in mind.…


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